Wilko Johnson, legendary guitarist with Dr Feelgood, and Roger Daltrey, lead singer of rock giants The Who are to release a joint album GOING BACK HOME on the world famous Chess label which has been resurrected specifically for this record. The album features 11 tracks, ten of which are Wilko originals from both his Dr Feelgood days and solo years, whilst the sole cover on the album is a version of Bob Dylan’s HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED classic ‘Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window’. The album also includes the track ‘Turned 21’ which has never been properly released or performed live.


“Going Back Home” feels like a long lost Who by way of Dr. Feelgood team-up. I was never big on Dr. Feelgood, but I appreciate how well Wilko Johnson can pluck the strings. That being said, it took multiple listens for the 11 tracks on the CD to sink into my brain. Once it did, I couldn’t stop listening. However, I felt like I’ve heard it all before. That includes “Turned 21” which was uninspired for a lost recording.

The Bob Dylan cover is what impressed me the most. It’s the one time when Daltrey sounds like he’s back in The Who and Johnson kicks up the jams. I don’t remember the song being that aggressive on initial play, but it is what it is. Still, that’s not for me to crap on the Wilko originals. They had a time and a place, but I’m not a superfan of them.

The CD comes at a time when Classic Rock is being bumbled and bungled to appeal to younger kids. Teenagers aren’t going to get into this and they shouldn’t. It’s an older sound to be discovered when they want to learn about Chess Records. Clean and neat and ever so discrete. Check it out if you’re a discerning fan.


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