Pulp Fiction (1994) [4K UHD Steelbook review]

Troy loves Pulp Fiction. It's not on 4K UHD steelbook.
  • It's Pulp Fiction
  • My appreciation of Steelbooks is nearing an end
Video - 10
Audio - 10
Movie - 10
Special Features - 10

Pulp Fiction is one of the definitive American films of the 1990s. That’s probably the least controversial thing I’ll say all week. But, what got it to that level? Hell, why am I freaking out about a 4K UHD release of a movie I own on every major home video format? Yes, even Laserdisc.

Let’s talk about Pulp Fiction for the kids that only watch React videos

Pulp Fiction is one of those movies that was so much a part of my formative years, I feel the same way about it that 70s kids feel about Peter Frampton. How do you talk about something that was everywhere? I included the All-American Girl episode to start off this piece, as it was many 90s kids first real tussle with Tarantino. Many of the so-called geniuses that want to wax on and off about Tarantino were either too young for Reservoir Dogs or not in a market where it played for long.

Not much had changed by the time that Pulp Fiction arrived, but for some reason it punched in the Zeitgeist in the junk. It was the first R rated movie I could remember that was just everywhere from school playgrounds to your local News and appearing on TGIF. Everyone had a Pulp Fiction spoof, Halloween costumes, knock-off movies and attempts to cash on Tarantino making 70s violence cinema riffs palpable in the Age of Clinton.

pulp fiction 4k 4454

I’m loving the Miramax releases coming out of Paramount

Miramax has had no better friend in the modern home video era than Paramount. Sure, we got some great genre releases out of them when they partnered up with Lionsgate. But, Paramount seems to be making a commitment to exploring the full library. We had Kinky Boots get a release and now we have Just Another Girl on the IRT getting a February 2023 release.

I can’t even remember the last format that Just Another Girl was released on, I want to say DVD only. But, I can only recall seeing VHS copies of the movie. Couple that deep reach with the A/V Quality clean-ups on so many of these amazing movies, it’s flat-out appealing. Hell, the movies that are getting farmed out to Imprint are looking amazing.

Plus, they got to do the superior 4K UHD release of War of the Worlds. Regardless, Paramount is responding well to the changing world and showing respect to their deep dive titles and everything is benefiting from it.

It’s been a weird year for 4K UHD releases, this includes Pulp Fiction

pulp fiction 4k 555

2022 has seen 4K UHD releases run the gamut from best of the format to CHECK YOUR SOURCE MATERIAL BEFORE YOU MAKE A TRANSFER OF WAR OF THE WORLDS. That being said, Pulp Fiction skews closer to the reference quality level of what’s at play. The transfer shots don’t do it enough credit.

As someone who has seen in Pulp Fiction in theaters on several occasions, this is the first transfer that shows the warmth of many shots and the dark shadows. Whether if it’s Esmeralda’s cab with Butch or going in and out of the apartment, very few home video presentations managed to get it correct. But, this 4K UHD transfer is the closest to the source material.

This might be one of the best 4K UHD transfers ever

I can not understate how amazing the 4K UHD transfer looks on this Pulp Fiction disc. Going from memory, I believe it’s a 100 gig disc with 91-92 gigs dedicated to the A/V Quality alone. The result is something that looks so pristine, it’s like having a DCP in your home theater. While that might sound like hyperbole, I assure you it is not.

The special features are a compilation of all the material from the DVD, Blu-ray and related releases. Nothing is that new. But, if Paramount releases Jackie Brown to 4K UHD soon, make sure you bring over the hour plus of Forster and Grier trailers that was on the DVD. You have the power, Mountain. I believe in you.

Oh yeah, the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track is going to annoy the hell out of people expecting an Atmos track. But, period appropriate audio choices need to be respect. Also, this is the first Paramount steelbook to arrive at my house in an unbroken condition. Not sure what’s up with that, but it’s been one on and one off since early Summer 2022.

Pulp Fiction is now available in standard and Steelbook 4K UHD formats

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