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FP 4EVZ (2023) [XYZ movie review] 17 7.6 Good

FP 4EVZ (2023) [XYZ movie review]


alchemy of the spirit poster 8.7 Great

Alchemy of the Spirit (2022) [Prime Video review]

Alchemy of the Spirit is a fascinating look at how one handles grief. Shot with a fascinating haze and through various filters, the movie is never quite spectacle or melodrama. It falls into this drea...

the christmas tales poster 6.4 Fair

The Christmas Tapes (2022) [Movie review]

The Christmas Tapes is proof that anthologies work best around the Holidays. The Christmas Tapes won’t become a Holiday tradition for most. There is this weird media obsessed push to have fixed ...

Lie Hard poster 6.7 Fair

Lie Hard (2022): Comedy is Wasted on Modern Audiences review

Lie Hard is goofy in a way that I haven’t seen since being an impressionable Elementary school aged kid watching too much HBO. A thin comedy with limited stakes, but totally in love with its pre...

Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone American Reject 2 6.7 Fair

American Reject (2022) [Film review]

American Reject proved one thing for me. There is nothing as funny as a loose boob on live TV. Within 2 minutes, our heroine Kay is humiliated by a mammary flopper on Live TV. It’s an honest and...

Boris Karloff stream poster 8 Great

The September to Stream-member Movie Event [Mass VOD review]

Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster streams from Abramorama Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster was a documentary I watched a ton during the Halloween season. I’m a big fan when Shou...

Carnivores June streaming VOD movies 8.6 Great

June 2021 Streaming Selections

Changing the Game premieres on Hulu on June 1st, 2021 Changing the Game approaches the issue of trans athletes with more compassion and nuance than any online conversation could ever achieve. There wi...

Sons of Sam May 2021 poster Netflix 8.9 Great

Late April / Early May 2021 Streaming Curations [Streaming Reviews]

An American Satan from Omnibus Entertainment arriving on April 27th An American Satan was a great documentary that feels like it will play better to younger audiences. Most of the information on Anton...

Secrets of the Whales stream 8.4 Great

AndersonVision curates the best streaming content [April 2021]

Moment of Truth (IMDB TV) – streaming April 2nd, 2021 Moment of Truth is about the 100th piece of Michael Jordan content that I’ve watched in the last year. What I didn’t know before...

Crock of Gold stream 8 Great

AndersonVision demands you stream this content [March 2021]

Abandoned: Angelique’s Island arrives to stream on March 16th Abandoned: Angelique’s Island is a harrowing tale of Canadian survival from the 19th Century. It’s not Avonlea, but it&#...

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