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the columnist dvd may standard def guide

What are you going to watch on DVD in May 2021? [Ultimate Standard Def Guide]

There are still people that choose to watch DVDs and other Standard Def goodies. While that might irritate people who have firmly moved into the 4K realm, we need to take care of our older friends. So...

7.6 Good
Man with a Camera: The Complete Series (1958-1960)[Cult Classic TV review] 2

Man with a Camera: The Complete Series (1958-1960)[Cult Classic TV review]

Man with a Camera has received a second life from MPI. Recently mentioned as one of the shows Rick Dalton appeared on in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, it’s a cult treasure among TV fans. But, w...

7.5 Good

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes Season 1 Volume 1 [DVD review]

Victor and Valentino kick off the first volume of their Season 1 adventures by being completely unknown to me. They have a supernatural grandmother and somehow that kicks them off onto magical adventu...

7.4 Good
Women Without Men DVD

AndersonVision Blu-ray/DVD 2021 Derby [Reviews]

What do you do when you watch every Blu-ray and DVD in the world, but want to say a lot about them? The compromise is that periodically I have to stop talking about classic movies to cover random rele...

8 Great
that click douglas kirkland what to watch on dvd

What to Watch on DVD [March 2021 Edition]

March 2021 is about to close, so AndersonVision wants you to know what to watch on DVD. We realize that we do have a reader segment that skews older. So, forgive us for a moment while we cater to the ...

8 Great
Yalda March 2021

March 2021 DVD New Releases [Reviews]

Mafia Inc gets covered for a second time in March 2021. I’m not sure if there was anything new to learn about the real 90s criminal exploits of the Montreal mafia. While watching Mafia Inc again...

7.6 Good
iggy and the stooges from ko to chaos february 2021 dvd

January/February 2021 DVD throwdown [Reviews]

Why a February 2021 DVD throwdown? AndersonVision gets sent a ton of DVDs. We still love the physical format that got everyone to evolve from VHS. However, most of the high tech fans have moved onto 4...

8.7 Great
Wander (2020) [Insane DVD review] 9

Wander (2020) [Insane DVD review]

Wander is what happens when middle aged and elder actors try to get edgy. I’m not going to fault the effort, I just wish Wander was more entertaining. While many people don’t interact with...

6.8 Fair
Jungleland (2020) [DVD review] 11

Jungleland (2020) [DVD review]

Jungleland brings us deep into the realistic world of bare-knuckle boxing. While that sounds stupid, it’s because it is. The days of boxing being this way out of a bum life went out with Elia Ka...

6.8 Fair

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