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sweet thing dvd october

That time in October 2021 where Troy reviewed all the DVDs in the insane mail pile [Review]

Seriously, you’re going to love the way our October 2021 DVDs look. If you don’t, then come find us at the abandoned Men’s Wearhouse on the edge of town. The bathroom has no running ...

7.8 Good
Cinderella Story Starstruck DVD Boxart 2

A Cinderella Story: Starstruck (2021) [DVD review]

A Cinderella Story: Starstruck is the latest in the Cinderella Story series. Bailee Madison is a small town girl trying to make it big. So she crashes onto a Hollywood film set shooting near her town ...

6.4 Fair
Dead Pigs DVD

The DVD Lightning Round of Reviews: Volume 6 (2021)

Higher Ed and Black Magic Live kick off the DVD Lightning Round from Lightyear Higher Ed is an inspiring movie about Pras winning a track scholarship to go to college. He’s trying to escape his ...

7.5 Good
code 3 title

Code 3 leads off the latest July DVD reviews

Code 3: LA Sheriff’s Case Files – The Complete Series arrives July 20th from MPI Code 3: LA Sheriff’s Case Files is a classic TV show developed by ABC TV in effort to test the early ...

7.2 Good
Defending Jacob Paramount DVD Apple TV Plus

Early July 2021 Film Movement, MVD, Paramount DVD reviews

As 2021 rolls into July, we’re offering up some of our recent DVD reviews from Paramount, Film Movement and MVD. Don’t worry, we’ll be returning to High Def offerings soon enough. Ro...

8.3 Great
face of the devil dvd memorial day

Post Father’s Day 2021 Movie Round-up [DVD review]

This Father’s Day or somewhere around there, AndersonVision reflects on the giant pile of DVDs that we need to get covered. So, guess what? It’s another compilation piece about titles that...

7.9 Good
the columnist dvd may standard def guide

What are you going to watch on DVD in May 2021? [Ultimate Standard Def Guide]

There are still people that choose to watch DVDs and other Standard Def goodies. While that might irritate people who have firmly moved into the 4K realm, we need to take care of our older friends. So...

7.6 Good
Man with a Camera: The Complete Series (1958-1960)[Cult Classic TV review] 8

Man with a Camera: The Complete Series (1958-1960)[Cult Classic TV review]

Man with a Camera has received a second life from MPI. Recently mentioned as one of the shows Rick Dalton appeared on in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, it’s a cult treasure among TV fans. But, w...

7.5 Good

Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes Season 1 Volume 1 [DVD review]

Victor and Valentino kick off the first volume of their Season 1 adventures by being completely unknown to me. They have a supernatural grandmother and somehow that kicks them off onto magical adventu...

7.4 Good

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