open up to me dvd

Open Up To Me [Film Movement and Corinth DVD reviews]

Open Up to Me is a Finnish movie about a trans woman trying to find love with a soccer coach. As time goes on, both of the lovers have family members voice their opposition. What follows next is the n...

7.1 Good
toys of terror title

Toys of Terror (2020) [Resolution Downgrade Review]

Toys of Terror is like if Stuart Gordon tried to direct Krampus…from beyond the grave! Poor taste aside, the film works on a superficial level, I just don’t know if it did anything special...

7.3 Good
jonathan scotts power trip title card

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip (2020) [Must-Watch Energy Suppression Documentary]

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip is the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2021. Documentaries are always a personal favorite, but alternative energy sources are a personal source of nerd entertain...

8.4 Great
Average Joe movie poster 2021

Average Joe (2021) [Movie review]

Average Joe is yet another movie about superheroes. While some are quick to call superhero fiction as capeshit, I find pleasures hidden in the muck. What Average Joe does isn’t reinventing the w...

6.2 Fair
zoom up murder site title

Zoom Up: Murder Site (1979) [Blu-ray review]

Zoom Up: Murder Site is about why you shouldn’t have a secret affair in front of a homicidal maniac. Modern viewers will describe the action as misogynistic, but I feel the historical nature of ...

7.7 Good
The Delivered movie poster

The Delivered (2019) [Movie Review]

The Delivered will finally make America scared of Oliver Cromwell. It just took 350+ years, but we’re finally at the point that we can understand his tyranny. The Delivered has often been descri...

7.6 Good
Flower and Snake (1974) [Blu-ray review] 7

Flower and Snake (1974) [Blu-ray review]

Flower and Snake was Nikkatsu’s first attempt at making an S&M movie. Sadomasochism has had a fun life in the cinema, but what did our Pink Cinema friends bring the table? If you said the lo...

6.6 Fair
Skyfire movie poster

Skyfire (2019) [Killer Volcano Destroys Pacific movie review]

Skyfire shows what happens when action director Simon West finds a new audience. Li Wentao has been studying volcano activity aggressively since his wife died. 20 years later, he’s sounding the ...

6.3 Fair
tourist trap title

Tourist Trap (1979) [Uncut Blu-ray review]

Tourist Trap is why PG or PG-13 horror shouldn’t be a thing. While it’s marketable and plays better for a longer TV life, I’m not sure if that matters anymore. We live in a streaming...

7.7 Good

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