Lie Hard poster

Lie Hard (2022): Comedy is Wasted on Modern Audiences review

Lie Hard is goofy in a way that I haven’t seen since being an impressionable Elementary school aged kid watching too much HBO. A thin comedy with limited stakes, but totally in love with its pre...

6.7 Fair
Realm Power Trip header

Power Trip Episode 4 “Play with Me”

Even in comedy, Tatiana Maslany has never given less than 110 percent. It’s one of her strongest assets as a performer; even in audio, you never get the sense that she is not living as the chara...

9.8 Amazing
Realm Power Trip header

Power Trip Episode 3 “Buy Me A Drink”

Control: It’s something you very rarely have when you’re disabled. Whether it’s control over your own body, control over your own finances, or control over the exact trajectory of yo...

9.6 Amazing
The Frisco Kid (1979) Warner Archive Blu-ray review 4

The Frisco Kid (1979) Warner Archive Blu-ray review

The Frisco Kid is yet another 1979 film that no one asked to watch. But, before we go into the time hole of 1979, let’s take a step back. Who thought a comedy Western from the Pre Civil War era ...

7.4 Good
Realm Power Trip header

Power Trip Episode 1 “Love Me”/Episode 2 “Listen to Me”

Life with a disability is tough. There is no getting around that. Whether it’s physical or mental; whether you need a cane to get around or a wheelchair, whether you’re in constant pain or...

9.5 Amazing
Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 world of trailers and clips

Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 Episode 1

Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 Episode 1: “Back Together Again” Bridge and Tunnel Season 2 Episode 1 premieres July 10th. What has changed since last season? Having premiered in January 2021 w...

7.5 Good
uncle sam 4K title

Uncle Sam (1997) [4K Ultra HD review]

Uncle Sam had a big following on VHS back in the late 90s. I remember scouring many Suncoasts and other video stores for copies of this movie and The Doom Generation. I was more into Lustig style gore...

9.5 Amazing
elvis 2022 trailer title

Elvis 2022 is better than Film Twitter [Film review]

Elvis 2022 is not just the best Baz Luhrmann film in ages, it’s also the only film that matters this year. Why is that? Hmmm?!? Why would a biopic be the most important film of the year so far? ...

9.9 Amazing
a star is born 1937 title

A Star is Born 1937 [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

What is it about A Star is Born 1937? A Star is Born first appeared in American cinemas way back in April 1937. Now, it’s a generational touchstone film that gets remade every few decades to com...

8.6 Great

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