face of the devil dvd memorial day

Post Father’s Day 2021 Movie Round-up [DVD review]

This Father’s Day or somewhere around there, AndersonVision reflects on the giant pile of DVDs that we need to get covered. So, guess what? It’s another compilation piece about titles that...

7.9 Good
Drunken Master II title

Drunken Master II (1994) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Drunken Master II should not have been as big of a hit as it was. The movie was cut to hell in America and other Western markets. Plus, Hong Kong and related Asian markets saw Kung-Fu movies as being ...

9.1 Amazing
Bachelor in Paradise title

Bachelor in Paradise (1961) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Bachelor in Paradise is a comedy about sex in the way that only the early 60s could create. They were bold enough to suggest that people have sex, but this was still very much a film made by adult chi...

8.4 Great
Sparks Brothers poster

The Sparks Brothers will thrill distinguished tastes, then suffer for the next 20 years

The Sparks Brothers is one of my favorite films of 2021. That’s a very short list, but I appreciate any year that causes a music documentary to be released in the summer. This film also marks my...

9.9 Amazing
Super 8 4k uhd title

Super 8: The Stranger Things Missing Link [4K UHD review]

Super 8 was supposed to be quite the big event back in 2011. J.J. Abrams at the peak of his power working with Steven Spielberg to make a Spielberg style throwback movie? This was a decade ago and it ...

9.4 Amazing

My Fair Lady (1964) is impressive and lovely on 4K UHD

My Fair Lady is a musical that manages to mix British class warfare in with a love of flowers. I’m always suspicious of the people that claim to love the film, as it’s never the ones I sus...

9.4 Amazing
The Amusement Park Shudder Romero trailer news

George Romero’s lost film The Amusement Park returns via Shudder (2021)

The Amusement Park was a long last film about how the Lutheran Society wanted people to be nice to the elderly. Romero shot it in a way that looks like your grandparents’ ancient Super 8 reels o...

8.1 Great
Carnivores June streaming VOD movies

June 2021 Streaming Selections

Changing the Game premieres on Hulu on June 1st, 2021 Changing the Game approaches the issue of trans athletes with more compassion and nuance than any online conversation could ever achieve. There wi...

8.6 Great

Athena (1954) celebrates daughters and Grandpa killing weightlifting

Athena is another classic Hollywood musical about getting your daughters married. But, this is a family of fitness loving non smoking weirdos. This was the early 1950s and hippies were still being kep...

8.6 Great

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