after the thin man title

After The Thin Man (1936) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

After the Thin Man is a reminder that your partner’s family members are just going to suck for awhile. This second Thin Man adventure finds Nick and Nora making their way to visit Nora’s f...

8.4 Great
A Ghost Waits February 2021 streaming

The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews]

The most astounding content in February 2021 streaming is here. Due to sheer glut of material on the Internet, AndersonVision is going to weed through the garbage and find the things that warrant your...

8.6 Great
the little prince title blu-ray to consider

Blu-ray to Consider: February 2021 edition [Review]

Every once in awhile, we will do Blu-ray to consider. This is a lengthy round of capsule reviews targeting movies we want to bring to your attention in a fixed period. Spacewalker Spacewalker is anoth...

8.6 Great
iggy and the stooges from ko to chaos february 2021 dvd

January/February 2021 DVD throwdown [Reviews]

Why a February 2021 DVD throwdown? AndersonVision gets sent a ton of DVDs. We still love the physical format that got everyone to evolve from VHS. However, most of the high tech fans have moved onto 4...

8.7 Great
Night Stalker Netflix streaming

Everything that has dominated streaming in 2021 [Review]

It’s a new year and our content calendar is filling up with streaming opportunities. While recuperating from impaling my face (long story), I had the time to sit down and watch a ton of streamin...

9 Amazing
Happy Cleaners movie poster

Happy Cleaners (2019) [Korean Family movie review]

Happy Cleaners is about the split between first and second generation Americans. While the film is funny, it tackles the dramatic angles of what do you when cultural differences are this strong? The p...

7.9 Good
love story paramount presents blu-ray title

Love Story (1970) [Blu-ray review]

Love Story is a great film hurt by cultural shifts. Watching a 51 year old film that asks me to feel bad about a rich WASPy guy is asking a lot. Hell, the insane fantasy aspects of this 4th generation...

8.2 Great
the pajama game title

The Pajama Game (1957) dominates profitable relationships [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

The Pajama Game proves that Doris Day knew nothing about labor relations. But, it wasn’t her fault. When the year is 1957 and you have to romance John Raitt, things are going to go a little wonk...

8.2 Great
Doom Patrol Season 2 logo

Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season (2020) [Spoiler Filled Blu-ray Review]

Doom Patrol was one of the two reasons that I stuck with DC Universe. Then, HBO Max arrived and I took a hard pass out of there. Seriously, Stargirl and Doom Patrol were the only reasons I had to watc...

8.1 Great

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