kids in the hall prime video return title

The Kids in the Hall return via Prime Video (2022)

The Kids in the Hall return and I couldn’t be happier. They were what I was watching when some of you all were forming life-long obsessions with the Disney Afternoon and pop rap. Such is the ear...

10 Perfect
the carey treatment title

The Carey Treatment (1972) Warner Archive Blu-ray review

The Carey Treatment is peak James Coburn, while also serving as one of James Hong’s earliest dramatic roles. As we watch Mister Hong finally get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, let’...

8.7 Great
Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness title

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

I actually liked Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Remember that. Episode 26: The Revenge of the Baby Brained Smooth Skulls Doctor Strange has always been the Marvel character struggling to...

7.3 Good
One Armed Boxer everything he watched

Troy covers everything he watched in 2500 Words

Troy covers everything he watched recently in 2500 words. Some will be old and some will be new. But, basically this is an effort to get quick features out of the gate. Dexter: New Blood gets a sweet ...

9 Amazing
the twin poster

The Twin (2022) [Shudder Movie Review]

The Twin is the English language debut from Finnish director Taneli Mustonen. While he’s been blowing up on the World scene for the last five years, he’s flying under a lot of radars. Alth...

7.9 Good
hester street title

Hester Street (1975) [Cohen Blu-ray review]

Hester Street is the greatest Carol Kane movie. But, what about Joan Mecklin Silver? Well, what about her? The Cohen Collection has been doing right by Silver by bringing her early work to the masses ...

9 Amazing
aha the movie title 2022 Movie Catch-Up

Troy plays 2022 Movie Catch-Up Part 2

The 2022 Movie Catch-Up returns for a second edition. Don’t worry, people. We’re almost back to normal. A-HA The Movie proves that the 2022 Movie Catch-Up has a point A-HA The Movie is a d...

8.7 Great
Dancing Pirate movies until I explode

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode [Reviews]

Easter 2022 means watching movies until I explode. I’ll be cool in 3 days, but let’s go from there. 23rd Century Giants: The Story of Renaldo & The Leaf is now available from MVD 23rd ...

8.7 Great
Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone American Reject 2

American Reject (2022) [Film review]

American Reject proved one thing for me. There is nothing as funny as a loose boob on live TV. Within 2 minutes, our heroine Kay is humiliated by a mammary flopper on Live TV. It’s an honest and...

6.7 Fair

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