the kindred blu-ray title

The Kindred (1987) [Synapse Films Blu-ray Review]

The Kindred is an early 1987 Sci-Fi/Horror film that has been out of print for decades due to legal entanglements. Due to the film being little seen, no horror fans really fought for it over the ages....

8.3 Great
naked over the fence logo

Naked Over The Fence (1973) [Cult Epics Blu-ray review]

Naked Over The Fence is one of those early Sylvia Kristel gems from before she became a global star. Cult Epics has uncovered this underseen 1973 gem from The Netherlands. How did Cult Epics treat thi...

8.7 Great
Dona Flor title Spooktacular Review

The Great Not Quite Halloween 2022 Unspooktacular Review Round-Up

While we clean up more tech issues around the site and get things caught up, check out the Great Not Quite Halloween 2022 Unspooktacular Review Round-Up Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell from Visual ...

8.3 Great
Bigfoot or Bust (2022) [MVD Blu-ray review] 4

Bigfoot or Bust (2022) [MVD Blu-ray review]

Bigfoot or Bust follows a pack of curvy women, as they head out to discover the legendary Bigfoot. It’s not Cinemax, it’s a high quality Blu-ray. Jim Wynorski is the last of the B-movie au...

7.5 Good
Martial Club title

Martial Club (1981) [88 Films USA Blu-ray]

Martial Club is a 1981 Shaw Brothers movie that played lighter than their first wave of classics, but also managed to give Johnny Wang his first hero role. The last 2 years has seen a ton of Shaw Brot...

8.2 Great
rachel rachel title

Rachel, Rachel (1968) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Rachel, Rachel is a 1968 film where Joanne Woodward plays a virgin schoolteacher experiencing a rather delayed sexual awakening. What is Rachel, Rachel? Rachel, Rachel is the first of the Paul Newman ...

8.4 Great

LA AIDS Jabber (1994) [Visual Vengeance Blu-ray]

LA AIDS Jabber is a rather hard-to-find shot on video movie about a crazy man being diagnosed with AIDS. While not knowing how to handle his feelings about the disease, he begins injecting poor Los An...

7.3 Good
the chocolate war title

The Chocolate War (1988) [MVD Rewind Collection Blu-ray]

The Chocolate War is a Keith Gordon directed adaptation of the classic Robert Cormier novel. What was once a controversial look at how a Catholic High School used chocolate bar sales to force conformi...

8.1 Great
Miami Blues Labor Day 2022

The Labor Day 2022 Weekend Massacre Catch-Up [Blu-ray review]

Often talked about and often forgotten, here is the Labor Day 2022 Weekend Massacre Catch-Up of reviews and other tidbits. Ferngully The Last Rainforest is celebrating its 30th anniversary with Shout ...

8.2 Great

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