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face of the devil dvd memorial day 7.9 Good

Post Father’s Day 2021 Movie Round-up [DVD review]

This Father’s Day or somewhere around there, AndersonVision reflects on the giant pile of DVDs that we need to get covered. So, guess what? It’s ano...

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THE MIGHTY ATOM REVIEWED “The Mighty Atom” is a colorful wisp of a documentary. The central figure is a fascinating icon of Jewish life during the e...

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Drunken Master II title

Drunken Master II (1994) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Drunken Master II should not have been as big of a hit as it was. The movie was cut to hell in America and other Western...

Bachelor in Paradise title

Bachelor in Paradise (1961) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Bachelor in Paradise is a comedy about sex in the way that o...


Athena (1954) celebrates daughters and Grandpa killing weightlifting

Athena is another classic Hollywood musical about getting yo...

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Super 8 4k uhd title

Super 8: The Stranger Things Missing Link [4K UHD review]

Super 8 was supposed to be quite the big event back in 2011. J.J. Abrams at the peak of his power working with Steven Sp...


My Fair Lady (1964) is impressive and lovely on 4K UHD

My Fair Lady is a musical that manages to mix British class ...

Ten Commandments 4K UHD LOGO

The Ten Commandments (1956) [4K Ultra HD review]

The Ten Commandments is one of the classic American movies t...

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Sparks Brothers poster

The Sparks Brothers will thrill distinguished tastes, then suffer for the next 20 years

The Sparks Brothers is one of my favorite films of 2021. That’s a very short list, but I appreciate any year that ...

the djinn poster

The Djinn makes wish fulfillment horror great again (2021)

The Djinn is one of the fastest moving horror movies I’...

Nomadland poster

Nomadland (2020): Life in a Poop Bucket

Nomadland is considered by many to be the odds-on Oscar favo...

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