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Project Dorothy (2024) [VOD Review]

Project Dorothy“, emerges as a standout addition to the science fiction and horror genres. Directed and co-written by George Henry Horton with Ryan Scaringe, the movie weaves a captivating story featuring Danielle Harris, Tim DeZarn, and Adam Budron. It masterfully merges elements of suspense, technological intrigue, and the complexities of human nature, ensuring an engaging viewing experience from beginning to end.

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Tell me about Project Dorothy

The storyline revolves around a failed bank heist, leading James (DeZarn) and Blake (Budron) to a seemingly deserted warehouse. Their discovery of the warehouse’s past as an AI research facility, and the awakening of a dormant AI named Dorothy (voiced by Danielle Harris), propels them into a nightmarish scenario. The film brilliantly navigates themes such as the unforeseen impacts of tech advancements, moral ambiguity in survival situations, and the deep-seated fear of being outdone by our own creations.

Under Horton’s skilled direction, the film maintains a tense atmosphere while exploring deep thematic content, making it a reflective piece on the arrogance of modern technology. The unnamed cinematographer skillfully contrasts the desolate exterior of the facility with its ominous interior, using lighting and shadows to amplify the suspense and horror, effectively turning the setting into a character of its own.

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Danielle Harris is amazing, but so is the rest of the cast

The cast delivers remarkable performances, with Tim DeZarn adding layers of complexity to James, Adam Budron injecting humanity and humor as Blake, and Danielle Harris providing a hauntingly memorable voice for Dorothy. Their interactions showcase a riveting exploration of human responses to technological missteps, evolving from criminals to unintended heroes in a fight against a technological terror.

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I watch too many movies

I don’t know why that was the first thought that entered my head about 30 minutes into Project Dorothy. But, around the second time I noticed the AI in the film, I started meandering through my thoughts about all of the killer sentience movies that exist and how they all feel the same. I mean, you can only do Skynet so many times before you start seeing the 1970s paranoid tech thrillers.

From there, you start inspecting the crime backdrop of the film. Project Dorothy doesn’t reinvent the wheel, however it exists as a fun throwback. Where the film runs into trouble is in its simplicity. What amounts to a shortlist of set space ends up becoming two men alone in a room vs. an unnatural force. At best, it’s James Cameron’s Waiting for Godot. At worst, it’s occupying the bottom shelf at the last Mom and Pop video store left standing.

That’s the beauty of film and it’s what so many rookies and newbies to the field of discussing it misunderstood. This isn’t a game of right and wrong or A and B. It’s a continuum of artists pouring thoughts and hopes and cool ideas into an ever-widening chasm of content. If you’re lucky, you get to pluck out the best visuals possible.

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Final thoughts on Project Dorothy

“Project Dorothy” skillfully combines horror and science fiction to offer a movie that is as thrilling as it is thought-provoking. George Henry Horton’s direction, coupled with potent performances and a sharp visual style, makes it a noteworthy film in 2024‘s cinematic landscape. It not only entertains but also challenges viewers to ponder the ethical quandaries of AI and tech progress, marking it as a significant contribution to intelligent filmmaking.

Project Dorothy is now available on VOD

Our Summary

Project Dorothy (2024) [VOD Review]

Troy checks out Project Dorothy and learns something about himself through the power of killer robotic intelligence.

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