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popeye the sailor volume 3 1940s

Popeye The Sailor: The 1940s – Volume 3

Popeye the Sailor: The 1940s – Volume 3 has been watched five times in the AV Theater. You never would have thought that a series of 70 year old cartoons would still get so much play. But, then I caught

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my favorite year title

My Favorite Year

My Favorite Year is one of those movies that was always on premium cable when I was younger. Then it wasn’t anymore and I never thought about it again. That was my

the set up title

The Set-Up

The Set-Up is about washed-up 35 year old Stoker Thompson. This is back in the day when 35 year olds could own a house, a housekeeper and your wife’s societal forced devotion.

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