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strike up the band title

Strike Up the Band

Among cinema's many treasures, few are as delightfully entertaining as the musical pairings of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. Strike Up the Band is one of the brightest results of that talented colla...

9.1 Amazing
Inside Daisy Clover title

Inside Daisy Clover [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

A tomboy turned movie star deals with the cruelty of Hollywood.

8.1 Great
rachel and the stranger title warner archive

Rachel and The Stranger: Buying a Woman in the 1820s shouldn’t have been this difficult

Rachel and The Stranger is the second Robert Mitchum western released by Warner Archive this month. While it was RKO’s most successful film of 1948, the story slipped under the radar by the time...

tin cup warner archive title

Kevin Costner Balls Rene Russo: Tin Cup Blu-ray review

Tin Cup had a weird early premiere at the local Valhalla golf course. The PGA Championship was in town as a push to help promote the brand-new golf course. A few weeks later, I got to see Tin Cup and ...

Dodsworth title Warner Archive Blu-ray

Wealthy Man Makes Retirement Plans during Global Depression: Dodsworth Warner Archive Blu-ray review

Dodsworth is such a tone deaf movie. Even for the Depression era, it’s weird to have a domestic fantasy about wealthy people being tempted to cheat on each other. Seriously, over the next 101 mi...

the stalking moon title warner archive

Gregory Peck annoyed at Eva Marie Saint after leg stabbing: The Stalking Moon review

The Stalking Moon is Kramer vs. Kramer meets Red Dead Redemption. A woman and her half-Indian son are desperately trying to escape the boy’s Indian father. In order to break free, the woman enli...

Cimarron 1960 Blu-ray Warner Archive title

Cimarron (1960) Blu-ray review

Cimarron is a classic Western famous for being one of the first Best Picture winner. Anyone born after World War II will be hard pressed to remember it. It’s pretty funny as the 1960 remake and ...

Two on a Guillotine title

Blu-ray review: Two on a Guillotine

Two on a Guillotine was one of the few directorial outings for William Conrad. What’s funny is the film was part of a four picture deal to capitalize on William Castle’s popular roadshows....

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AndersonVision loves Warner Archive Vintage Films

As the year ends and a new year begins, tons of material gets log-jammed. Warner Archive released a ton of fun movies at the end of 2019 that got multiple plays in the AV Theater. However, we weren...

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