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Athena (1954) celebrates daughters and Grandpa killing weightlifting

Athena is another classic Hollywood musical about getting your daughters married. But, this is a family of fitness loving non smoking weirdos. This was the early 1950s and hippies were still being kep...

8.6 Great
primal season 1 blu ray title

Primal (2019) offers up the best Caveman this side of Ringo Starr [Blu-ray review]

Primal took me by surprise when the first commercials hit in 2019. Then, it became hard to watch. There comes a time when you enter that phase of adulthood when mature animation becomes harder and har...

9 Amazing
zeroville title

Memorial Day 2021 Movie Round-up [Indie and Cult Film Review]

The Memorial Day Movie Round-up is here for Indie and Cult Films on Blu-ray. That’s it, that’s the intro. Kinky Boots is available now! Kinky Boots is the hit Broadway musical based on an ...

8.9 Great
Mission Impossible turns 25 with an improved Blu-ray [Review] 4

Mission Impossible turns 25 with an improved Blu-ray [Review]

Mission Impossible was a film that was so hyped 25 years ago that it got a tie-in N64 launch game. And, that thing sucked. Honestly, most people raged and crapped on the movie when it first hit. The b...

9.3 Amazing
supernatural final season title

Supernatural: The Complete and Final Season means your Thursday nights are wide open again

Supernatural comes to an end with God sending zombies, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper, werewolves and returning characters after the Winchester brothers. If you haven’t been following closely,...

8.5 Great
madame claude title

It’s Sunday, so let’s clear out The Review Pile (2021)

The Review Pile has returned. Everyone wants to write these amazing reviews that will evoke the best of The Dissolve and the AV Club. Then, you realize there is only so much time in a day. Due to lost...

8.9 Great
shes having a baby title

What are the Best Paramount Blu-rays of 2021

Today’s subject: Paramount Blu-rays Due to a variety of calamities that hit in the first part of 2021, AndersonVision has been spending the Spring catching up. However, we noticed something amon...

9 Amazing
barb and star title

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) [Blu-ray review]

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar was supposed to have arrived in 2020, but got sent to save 2021. I never realized I missed seeing goofy PG-13 movies, but damn this is amazing. You get a quality brie...

8.7 Great
nightbeast title

Nightbeast (1982) [Troma Dissolves Vinegar Syndrome]

Nightbeast is proof that Dohler and Abrams should have done more together. Serving as a sequel and remake to Dohler’s The Alien Factor, it’s a second stab at a movie you’ll never see...

7.9 Good

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