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Crossfire title Warner Archive Blu-ray March 2021

Crossfire (1947) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Crossfire is a fascinating film to study as part of the Post World War II experience. Developed as a novel by a Sergeant making training films at Camp Pendleton, the source novel had more teeth to it....

8.9 Great
lady sings the blues title

Lady Sings The Blues (1972) [Paramount Presents Blu-ray review]

Lady Sings The Blues is the reason why the United States vs. Billie Holiday exists. So many people over the last 50 years have read the source book and have seen every major media version of Billie Ho...

8.4 Great
greatest show on earth title

The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) [Paramount Presents Blu-ray review]

The Greatest Show on Earth is one of the most lackluster Best Picture winners in Oscar history. That doesn’t make it a bad movie, but it does show you what happens when a group of people split t...

7.9 Good
the court jester title

The Court Jester (1954): Paramount Presents [Dazzling Blu-ray review]

The Court Jester is a comedy classic for a reason. That reason is boomers have dictated our pop culture views for too long and their favorites were either from their childhood or cynical adult years. ...

8.8 Great
mary millington collection blu

The Mary Millington Movie Collection [Blu-ray review]

The Mary Millington Collection represented a blind side and a point of pride. I’m a big proponent of adult cinema getting its due among film historians. However, while older mainstream films get...

8.9 Great
the dam busters what to watch on blu-ray

What to Watch on Blu-ray [March 2021 Edition]

As another month in 2021 closes out, AndersonVision wanted to tackle what to watch on Blu-ray in March 2021. Don’t let these titles sneak past you. THE DAM BUSTERS The Dam Busters is a classic B...

8 Great
show boat 1951 title

Show Boat (1951) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Show Boat was brought to the silver screen for a third time in 1951. Having had two previous popular releases in 1929 and 1936, there was something about this story that moved people. The Edna Ferber ...

8.8 Great
pump up the volume title

Pump Up the Volume (1990) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Pump Up The Volume is a cult film that means something to a certain cross-generational subset. Yet, it has fallen off the radar so hard. That’s because we live in an age of content glut where by...

8.2 Great
my dream is yours title

My Dream is Yours (1949)[Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

My Dream is Yours first came on my radar because of Bugs Bunny. Well that and a Martin Scorsese documentary that arrived in the 1990s. A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies i...

8 Great

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