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the little prince title blu-ray to consider

Blu-ray to Consider: February 2021 edition [Review]

Every once in awhile, we will do Blu-ray to consider. This is a lengthy round of capsule reviews targeting movies we want to bring to your attention in a fixed period. Spacewalker Spacewalker is anoth...

8.6 Great
love story paramount presents blu-ray title

Love Story (1970) [Blu-ray review]

Love Story is a great film hurt by cultural shifts. Watching a 51 year old film that asks me to feel bad about a rich WASPy guy is asking a lot. Hell, the insane fantasy aspects of this 4th generation...

8.2 Great
the pajama game title

The Pajama Game (1957) dominates profitable relationships [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

The Pajama Game proves that Doris Day knew nothing about labor relations. But, it wasn’t her fault. When the year is 1957 and you have to romance John Raitt, things are going to go a little wonk...

8.2 Great
Doom Patrol Season 2 logo

Doom Patrol: The Complete Second Season (2020) [Spoiler Filled Blu-ray Review]

Doom Patrol was one of the two reasons that I stuck with DC Universe. Then, HBO Max arrived and I took a hard pass out of there. Seriously, Stargirl and Doom Patrol were the only reasons I had to watc...

8.1 Great
snowpiercer season 1 title

Snowpiercer: The Complete First Season (2020) [Fair Enough Blu-ray review]

Snowpiercer is back on TNT in POG form. Torn from the pages of French comics and overpraised Weinstein Company movies, the little engine that could makes its way through the frozen Apocalypse. Jennife...

7.7 Good
Dreamland (2019) [Merkin Fantasy Film Review] 6

Dreamland (2019) [Merkin Fantasy Film Review]

Dreamland is a movie that I first learned existed through merkin talk. What’s so insanely comical is how the tale from a production person about the troubles in finding a merkin dominated what I...

7.6 Good
jonathan scotts power trip title card

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip (2020) [Must-Watch Energy Suppression Documentary]

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip is the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2021. Documentaries are always a personal favorite, but alternative energy sources are a personal source of nerd entertain...

8.4 Great
zoom up murder site title

Zoom Up: Murder Site (1979) [Blu-ray review]

Zoom Up: Murder Site is about why you shouldn’t have a secret affair in front of a homicidal maniac. Modern viewers will describe the action as misogynistic, but I feel the historical nature of ...

7.7 Good
Flower and Snake (1974) [Blu-ray review] 10

Flower and Snake (1974) [Blu-ray review]

Flower and Snake was Nikkatsu’s first attempt at making an S&M movie. Sadomasochism has had a fun life in the cinema, but what did our Pink Cinema friends bring the table? If you said the lo...

6.6 Fair

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