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Hinterland title

Hinterland (2021) [DVD review]

Hinterland is a serial killer murder mystery set in Post World War I Vienna. A former cop turned soldier pairs up with a female doctor to discover who is killing the people of Vienna. I’m not fa...

7.1 Good
Tom and Jerry Snowman's Land DVD1

Tom and Jerry: Snowman’s Land (2022) [DVD review]

Tom and Jerry: Snowman’s Land is the brand new Tom and Jerry adventure. If you weren’t a fan of the live-action version with Chloe Grace Moretz, then watch a version that actually plays to...

7.4 Good
What early 2022 movies dominated DVD? [Reviews] 3

What early 2022 movies dominated DVD? [Reviews]

The early 2022 movies that dominated DVD are here. We have entries from Film Movement, Joy Womack: The White Swan arrived January 11th from Film Movement Joy Womack: The White Swan is a documentary th...

8.1 Great
Billions Season Five title

Billions Season Five (2021) [DVD review]

Billions is getting ready to return for its sixth season. Catch up with the incredible fifth season in this DVD review.

7.3 Good
abba forever dvd review collection

The Final DVD Review Collection of 2021 [Review]

The Final DVD Review Collection of 2021 is here. While we have some historical foreign DVDs to tackle in January, we chose to exclude them from this collection piece. Please forgive us as the DVD Revi...

6.4 Fair
Curiosa DVD Lee Isaac Chung

Troy tackles November DVDs: Lee Isaac Chung leads off indie movie bonanza

November is loaded down with a ton of DVD reviews. So, let’s tackle the DVDs we want to cover. Film Movement has a three part DVD set of The Early Films of Lee Isaac Chung arriving on November 9...

8.2 Great
hidden life of trees logo

The Hidden Life of Trees (2020) [DVD review]

The Hidden Life of Trees first hit bookstores in 2015. While I picked up and flipped through Peter Wohlleben‘s book back then, I never felt the urge to dive into it further. After watching all 8...

7.5 Good
chernobyl 1986 title

Chernobyl 1986 [DVD review]

Chernobyl 1986 is about the third bite of the dramatic apple in recent memory. In times of uncertainty and great crisis, there is a natural human need to reflect on past emergencies for reflection and...

6.2 Fair
sweet thing dvd october

That time in October 2021 where Troy reviewed all the DVDs in the insane mail pile [Review]

Seriously, you’re going to love the way our October 2021 DVDs look. If you don’t, then come find us at the abandoned Men’s Wearhouse on the edge of town. The bathroom has no running ...

7.8 Good

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