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Lie with Me (2022) [Movie review]

Directed by Olivier Peyon, “Lie with Me” is a poignant narrative set against the backdrop of Cognac, a town redolent with the aroma of its eponymous spirit and the memories of a past that refuses to fade. The film, penned by Peyon alongside Philippe Besson and Vincent Poymiro, navigates the complex terrain of returning home after decades of absence, exploring themes of love, loss, and the indelible marks of youth.

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Lie With Me reveals that coming home is quite difficult

At the heart of this story is an author, played with nuanced vulnerability by Guillaume de Tonquédec, who ventures back to his hometown for the first time in 35 years under the guise of promoting a distillery. Yet, his true motive is a pilgrimage to the sacred spaces of his youth, seeking closure or perhaps rekindling with the ghosts of his first love. The casting of Victor Belmondo adds a layer of intrigue and continuity to the tale, while Guilaine Londez’s performance enriches the narrative with depth and emotional resonance.

Peyon’s direction is masterful, weaving the scenic beauty of Cognac with the internal landscapes of the protagonist’s memories. Through a delicate balance of flashbacks and present-day encounters, the film reveals the complexity of revisiting old haunts imbued with the sweetness and bitterness of bygone days. The cinematography captures the essence of the region, its vineyards stretching into the horizon like memories stretching into the past, each frame a testament to the beauty and pain of returning.

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Human emotion for those that watch the MCU

The screenplay is a tapestry of human emotions, elegantly portraying the protagonist’s struggle with the past’s allure and the present’s demands. The dialogue, rich with introspection and poignancy, delves into the heart of what it means to confront one’s ghosts. It’s a story of reconciliation, not just with others, but with oneself, a journey to heal the wounds of the past while forging a path forward.

“Lie with Me” stands as a testament to the enduring power of first loves and the haunting beauty of memory. It’s a film that does not shy away from the complexities of human emotion, instead embracing them to tell a story that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. Peyon, along with his co-writers and stellar cast, crafts a narrative that lingers long after the credits roll, a reminder of the places and people who shape us, for better or worse.

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Returning Home isn’t always cinematic

“Lie with Me” is a cinematic gem that captures the essence of returning home – a journey fraught with emotion, yet essential for growth and understanding. Its exploration of themes such as the passage of time, the nature of memory, and the possibility of redemption is both thoughtful and moving.

The performances, direction, and screenplay converge to create a film that is not only a visual delight but also a profound commentary on the human condition. It’s a must-watch for those who appreciate cinema that delves into the intricacies of love, loss, and the bittersweet taste of nostalgia.

Final thoughts on the movie

I was talking about Lie with Me recently with another film fan and I found myself describing about four other films at the same time. That’s not a knock on the film, but a look at how universal these themes are to everyone. Going home sucks and we never quite know what to make of the people we became.

Lie with Me is available on home video from Cinephobia Releasing on Feb 28th

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Lie with Me (2022) [Movie review]

Troy keeps his World Cinema Weekend rolling along with Lie with Me.

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