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Perps short film review

Perps continues the Short Film Renaissance of 2020. Most of these films were shot before the Pandemic, so I’m not going to give Corona the credit here. However, this weird time has made me sit d...


The Mindfulness Movement movie review

The Mindfulness Movement feels way more like a puff piece for something larger than actual documentary. Information has become a weapon and it’s strategically developed to constantly blast us wi...

Single Movie title

Single SXSW 2020 Short Film review

Single might be the best SXSW short that I’ve ever seen. Short films never get the respect they deserve among film fans. Most of that is due to not playing in traditional cinemas and be relegate...

Impractical Jokers Digital Release Friends

Impractical Jokers Movie Antics Entertain Some, Delight Others [Review]

Impractical Jokers: The Movie finally allows something from TruTV to finally break out. While I thought hidden camera shows went out with casual cocaine use, I’m not shocked to see it is enjoyin...

Wrinkles the Clown DVD

Magnolia Digital January 7th Feature: Mister America & Wrinkles the Clown

Mister America is the latest Tim Heidecker movie and I don’t know what I think. The guy is funny, but when he does things like The Trial, it feels like a short spiel that got stretched too long....

Holiday Hell

October Movie Round-Up [Review]

JUST SEX, NOTHING PERSONAL Just Sex, Nothing Personal is a Ukranian romantic comedy that plays so close to American studio system fare that it barely registered with me. While impressive on the techni...

Bloody Marie 1

November Movie Round-Up [Indie Review/Commentary]

Bloody Marie is the latest work of Dutch Cinema I’ve been asked to review. Sold to American audiences as a tale of rip-roaring revenge, it didn’t work like that for me. Marie is an artist ...

Trouble is My Business

Trouble Is My Business [Review]

Trouble Is My Business is a loving Film Noir fan letter. But, it also isn’t. The movie walks the same kind of line that the Coen Brothers towed in The Man Who Wasn’t There. You can take th...

Iceman (2019) [Review] 15

Iceman (2019) [Review]

Iceman is finally getting a proper American release. However, I’m not sure if the untold story of Otzi the Iceman is something that audiences clamored to see. There is an effort to take the real...

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