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The Metropole Remix Project: Unveiling New Dimensions of Sound in February 2024

Today marks a pivotal moment in the music world with the release of the lead single from the eagerly anticipated “Metropole Remixes Vol.2” album, showcasing the Bart Thissen Remix. This latest offering from the Metropole Remix Project envelops listeners in a soundscape of delicately curated beats and a metallic sheen, perfect for that 4 am sunrise moment when the night’s energy remains but the dawn beckons. Bart Thissen transforms “Metropole” into a luscious dance track that captures the essence of blissful early morning dancing.

Hailing from The Netherlands, Bart Thissen has been a figure in the electronic music scene since the nineties, crafting his sound with a blend of analog gear, self-built hardware, and digital synths. With releases dating back to 2004, Thissen brings a wealth of experience and innovation to his remix, stating, “I aimed to create a beat-driven track that maintains its dance floor appeal. The use of chopped vocal samples introduces a mechanical yet human element, adding a unique tension to the remix.”

The Metropole Remix Project: Unveiling New Dimensions of Sound in February 2024 1

Thissen’s contribution is part of a broader collection of 19 remixes of Tobin’s “Stone Giants Metropole” single, spanning two albums released this month. Vol 1 has already graced the ears of fans, and Vol. 2 is set to follow on February 29th, promising an eclectic mix of interpretations that range from the ethereal to the intensely rhythmic.

Volume 2 Tracklist:

  1. Metropole – Pienie Remix
  2. Metropole – Bart Thissen Remix
  3. Metropole – Herzihelmut Remix 2
  4. Metropole – The Envelope Man Remix
  5. Metropole – Tricil Remix
  6. Metropole – Batavia’s Tears Remix
  7. Metropole – Broken Spectre Remix
  8. Metropole – YFN Remix
  9. Metropole – Glitchkase Remix
  10. Metropole – Cooked Turkey Remix

The inception of The Metropole Remix Project traces back to the Nomark Discord channel, where a simple query among the community spiraled into a creative explosion. The project invited artists, from well-known names to newcomers and experimentalists, to reimagine “Metropole,” one of the standout tracks from Tobin’s “Stone Giants West Coast Love Stories” album. With no initial plans for release, the project was a pure celebration of creativity and a testament to art for art’s sake.

This release not only shines a spotlight on Bart Thissen’s remarkable remix but also serves as a platform for Nomark to introduce an array of emerging talents and artists to those seeking beyond the mainstream, algorithm-driven selections.

The “Metropole Remix Project” is a testament to the vibrant, collaborative spirit of the music community, offering listeners a fresh and diverse auditory experience that challenges the boundaries of genre and style.

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