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Vertical Lands US Distribution Rights for Voltage Pictures’ YA Romance ‘See You On Venus

Vertical has acquired US distribution rights for Voltage Pictures’ upcoming young adult romance film “See You On Venus,” directed by rising Spanish filmmaker Joaquín Llamas and starring Virginia Gardner and Alex Aiono. The film follows two misfit American teens who travel to Spain in search of Mia’s birth mother, and as they journey through the picturesque cities of Andalusia, they fall in love and discover the importance of deciding what to do with their lives.

Produced by Pitt Street Productions’ Brian Pitt and co-producers Taylor Conrod and David Shojai, the film is based on the yet-to-be-released novel of the same name by debut writer Victoria Vinuesa. The movie also features Rob Estes and Eowyn Nyby Krieger, and will be released theatrically in the US on July 21st, while Voltage will handle international sales and present the film at Cannes.

Vertical Lands US Distribution Rights for Voltage Pictures' YA Romance 'See You On Venus 1

Virginia Gardner, known for her roles in “Runaways,” “Halloween,” and “All the Bright Places,” stars alongside musician and actor Alex Aiono, who has appeared in “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” “Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.,” and “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.” Vertical Partner Peter Jarowey expressed excitement for the film’s release, stating that Gardner and Aiono have fantastic chemistry captured so well by Llamas as they travel through stunning locations throughout Spain.

Following the success of Voltage Pictures’ recent release “Beautiful Disaster,” which also starred Virginia Gardner, the film company and Vertical are looking forward to continuing their partnership to bring “See You On Venus” to audiences around the country. YA remains an indomitable global force across all mediums, and the strong debut of “Beautiful Disaster” in the US only reaffirms this fact. “See You On Venus” is set to release on September 5, 2023, from Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books.

Overall, the acquisition of the US distribution rights for “See You On Venus” is a promising move for both Voltage Pictures and Vertical.

With a talented cast and crew and a heartwarming story set against the stunning backdrop of Spain, the film is sure to capture the hearts of viewers everywhere.

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