CMA Awards Live: Greatest Moments 1968-2015 5

CMA or the Country Music Association Awards has been taking place for decades. Depending on what part of the country you originated, the level of awareness will ebb and flow. But, the cultural impact remains the same. Does that mean it was always great? No. Hell, the last five years has seen the CMA relying heavily on country crossover acts to branch awareness to urban cities. Well, urban cities outside of Nashville.

There are ton of performances stretches across three discs. However, there is a bit of over reliance on recent acts. While I wasn’t always a fan of the classic acts, people come to these things for history. After all, a Justin Timberlake appearance on the show is still widely available on YouTube. Got to keep special, Time Life. That being said, the 40 live full performances offer up a proper mix for the discerning country fan.

If you’re curious about the special features, it’s a ton of bonus interviews that actually add context to the main entertainment. I love it when that happens.

CMA Awards Live: Greatest Moments: 1968-2015 is available January 8th!

CMA Awards


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