THE AV INTERVIEW: SARAH GILMAN ( Daphne & Velma, Last Man Standing)

THE AV INTERVIEW: SARAH GILMAN ( Daphne & Velma, Last Man Standing) 17


The conference call interview is a necessity more than a boon. While I don’t like to talk inside baseball, I feel the need to invite the dear readers into the dugout. When you have a bunch of unrelated sites tackling a similar topic, they get grouped together to Round Robin one question hit the subject. The experience level of those involved varies, as well as the interest level. Hell, some people even invite their kids on the call. Given that it’s a kid show, it’s not out-of-bounds.

That being said, it’s a speed event where you run and gun at a subject to cover a broad scope of topics in a short amount of time. When there’s a transcript, I tend to post that so readers can get a view of the larger conversation. But, this was an MP3 recording and I don’t like giving free links to non-affiliated sites.


When you schedule groups of people around the country, the call quality usually plummets. You can’t hear each other, which is terrible. Mainly because you’re trying to make sure that you don’t double up on questions. Listening back on the MP3 playback, the subject is quite clear and the multiple interviewers were muddled. I spent most of my time listening to their site names and trying to figure out if we could partner up. But, most mommy bloggers can’t hang with AndersonVision.


I still don’t understand America’s rekindled love with Tim Allen. The return of Last Man Standing and FOX overpaying for Thursday Night Football seems to have the Right-Wing Internet in a buzz. The Left Wingers are bemoaning that the shows they claim to watch are now getting cancelled. Well, kids…if you don’t own a TV, don’t subscribe to Appointment TV and prefer to binge watch…your network favorites are going to die off. Shows like Last Man Standing will survive because older people watch them and they’re still stuck in the traditional TV viewing pattern. But, that’s a sidebar.

The question I got to ask Sarah Gilman was about if there were plans to continue this Scooby Doo prequel series past this film. Her response:

“Yeah, if anyone had any plans to continue this, I’m onboard. It was so much fun doing this project that I’d like to play Velma again”.

I hope that this satisfies your curiosity, as we kick off Daphne & Velma week. The movie is pretty decent, but feels like it could’ve been a TV pilot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as prequel/revamps seem to be in vogue. Hell, the lady playing Daphne is now going to be part of the CW’s Charmed reboot. If you’re still interested, we have a review of the movie and a contest coming up this week.

Check them all out.

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