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Fandango Unveils New Concession Pre-Order Feature in Partnership with AMC Theatres

Fandango, America’s leading online movie ticketing service, has introduced an innovative new feature that allows moviegoers to pre-order concessions while purchasing their tickets online. This convenient service is initially available at AMC Theatres®, the largest movie theater chain in both the United States and globally, with plans to extend to additional exhibitors soon.

With this new functionality, customers can explore and select from a variety of food and drink options offered by AMC right at the time of ticket booking or even closer to the showtime. Patrons have the flexibility to make multiple concession purchases linked to a single ticket transaction and can also invite friends to place their orders simultaneously.

Upon reaching the theater, customers can bypass the usual lines by heading directly to a designated pickup area to collect their pre-ordered snacks. Those visiting AMC DINE-IN theaters will enjoy the added luxury of having their orders delivered straight to their seats. This feature ensures that moviegoers can enjoy their snacks without missing any part of the film, including the trailers.

Fandango Unveils New Concession Pre-Order Feature in Partnership with AMC Theatres 1

Jerramy Hainline, EVP of Fandango, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to work with AMC Theatres to enhance the moviegoing experience by offering this convenient service to our users. Our mission at Fandango is to cater comprehensively to all moviegoing needs, and the new concession pre-ordering capability is a significant stride towards that goal.”

Ellen Copaken, SVP of Marketing at AMC Theatres, highlighted the benefits for frequent patrons, “Our guests have enjoyed similar pre-order options through our own platforms, and we’re thrilled to integrate this with Fandango. This collaboration is especially beneficial for AMC Stubs members who can now earn and redeem loyalty points for both tickets and concessions when using Fandango.”

The adoption of concession pre-ordering is gaining traction, as evidenced by Fandango’s 2024 Moviegoing Trends and Insights Study, which surveyed over 6000 attendees. The study revealed that nearly all respondents purchased concessions at the movies last year, with a significant percentage expressing satisfaction with their pre-ordering experience.

Fandango continues to innovate, planning to expand this service to more theaters and enhance its platform to meet evolving consumer needs. This initiative is part of Fandango’s commitment to enhancing the moviegoing experience by integrating practical solutions that benefit both consumers and industry partners.

For additional details on this new feature and to experience it firsthand, visit or download the Fandango app from the App Store or Google Play.

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