None But The Brave [Blu-ray review]

None But The Brave [Blu-ray review] 17

None But The Brave is the only film directed by Frank Sinatra.

The review opened with that fact, so you can always win a round of Trivial Pursuit. What most will miss by not seeing the film is its message. Who would’ve thought that Sinatra would make an anti-war film that predated that movement? Sure, it handles its message in a weird way, but the point remains. As long as you take arms against each other, no one wins.

Even then, the bulk of the film is framed by a Japanese soldier framing the incident via his journal to his wife. After WWII events force the Japanese and Americans to crash-land on a Point Nemo style island, they learn to live with each other. But, it’s handled in a very Brady Bunch line of demarcation way of handling things.

For a film that runs under 2 hours, there is a lot of plopping around and little direct action. When we do get real action, it’s a quick way to pick off the supporting cast to make a point. If you missed the point, then Sinatra superimposes it over the credits.

None But The Brave [Blu-ray review] 19 Warner Archive has put together a wonderful Blu-ray release. There are no special features. But, it’s not like anyone involved in the movie is still alive or working or available for commentary. The A/V Quality sports a robust 2.35:1 1080p transfer. The DTS-HD 2.0 Mono track is strong for the era, but it won’t floor any home theater enthusiasts. If you’re a Sinatra fan or an Anti-War fan…you’ll enjoy this.

Even if you don’t, just remember that Sinatra beat the Hippies with an Anti-War message. An Anti-War message that somehow still managed to blame the Japanese. Don’t ask me how, just watch it.

None But the Brave is available now!

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