Sinatra in Palm Springs: The Place He Called Home [Review]

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Sinatra in Palm Springs is a lovely documentary about Frank Sinatra. How does it stand apart from the other 800 documentaries about Ol’ Blue Eyes? Well, this one is about how much Sinatra loved his home in Palm Springs. Not only did he spend his last 50 years there, he was often quoted saying that his pad was “straight kickin”. Don’t believe me? Well, prove me wrong.

I love documentaries like this that blend archival footage and actual unearthed material to put together these looks. However, it’s a 92 minute look into something that requires deep fan knowledge about specific subjects. The deep insular takes will put off casuals, so what do you do? Seriously, people.

What do you do?

Sinatra in Palm Springs is available now!

Sinatra in Palm Springs


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