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Comprehensive New R.E.M. Biography “Maps and Legends” Coming 8/2

The most in-depth account of iconic alternative rock band R.E.M. is coming this summer. On August 2nd, Nottingham Press will release Maps and Legends: The Story of R.E.M. by music journalist John Hunter.

Comprehensive New R.E.M. Biography
Photo by Bob Crisler. R.E.M. performance on September 21, 1982 at the Drumstick in Lincoln, NE.

Spanning 706 pages, Maps and Legends traces R.E.M.’s entire career journey – from early days playing Georgia clubs through the height of their global stardom. But it also provides rich insights into the members’ upbringings, teenage bands, and solo work post-R.E.M.

Author John Hunter draws on exhaustive research of original interviews, articles, videos and more to craft the definitive portrait of the legendary foursome. He also conducted new interviews with key figures in R.E.M.’s history for fresh perspectives.

As a university student in Athens, GA amidst the vibrant late ’80s music scene there, Hunter witnessed R.E.M.’s rise firsthand. His personal experiences provide the book unique local context on the band’s origins and early trajectory to fame.

For R.E.M. fans hungry for the whole story, Maps and Legends promises the most detailed ever account of the group’s workings and legacy.

Relive their groundbreaking career when this huge new biography lands August 2nd in print and ebook editions.

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