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The AV Interview: Donal Brophy (The Shuroo Process)

The Shuroo Princess has been one of my favorite indie films over the last few weeks. While we reviewed the film, we had a chance to talk with some of the creative team involved with the production. Stay tuned, as we update this week with our latest interviews.

The first Shuroo Process begins with writer/producer/actor Donal Brophy

AndersonVision: What it’s like moving from restauranteurship to film production?

They are not too different, both involve locations and managing people and both are not for the faint of heart. I was surprised by how used to the high stakes environment I was. I think everyone should wait tables or work in a restaurant at some point; you pick up skills that serve you for life.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: Do you believe the rise of self-help guru scams is tied more to income inequality or the desire for easy fixes?

Over all I believe it’s tied to the fall of organized religion. The oldest financial institution in history is the Catholic Church. I grew up in Ireland and went to mass every Sunday with my family, I remember people who couldn’t afford it stuffing pound notes in a basket in the hope of some redemption. Not much has changed. However, to your point, the idle rich have always been soft targets. When your targeted on social media “Change your life in seven days” who doesn’t want that easy fix.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
Shuroo Process poster
AndersonVision: What was it like making the Dementia 13 remake?

That was a very intense experience. The original was shot at Howth Castle a few miles from where I grew up which I found quite serendipitous. Our shoot was in this very isolated part of Cornwall Connecticut, and mostly night. My character was very dark and I can be quite method when I have to be so I went to a very twisted place in my mind. Took me a few weeks to get back to normal. I’m a massive FF Coppola fan and on the one in a million chance he would watch it… I wanted to be good.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: While watching this at AV Central, several of the staff writers commented that the film feels like a funnier take on Nine Perfect Strangers. Have you seen the HULU show? It feels like lateral thinking on the same theme, but I always appreciate humor.

I did watch nine perfect strangers when it came out; we actually shot a year before them but didn’t have the HULU money to get it out as fast. Thank you, I do think it’s a funnier version. Allot of their shots are resort porn where as we wanted Shuroo’s retreat to be somewhat janky and realistic. I think our director managed to get a more cohesive performance from the ensemble than they did.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: Fiona Dourif is amazing in The Shuroo Process. Between Mr. Cooper and yourself, who developed her character the most or was it more of a collaborative effort between writers, on-set action and actor input?

We started out with a strong idea of Parker from our own lives and people in our lives. Some of the aspects of Parkers mental heath where extremely hard for us to write as they where very close to home, we would finish the scene and have tears in our eyes and have to go for a walk. Ultimately she is from both our hearts. When Fiona came on board she took it to a place even more personal and moving then we could have imagined. I think Fiona might be one of the best actress of her generation and I hope she get the praise she deserves for giving her all in this role.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: In an age of on-demand influencers, what is it like to play a Guru in a world of a million gurus?

It was upper fun actually; as the ‘guru market’ is so saturated I could play him very real as opposed to the serotyped idea of a Beatles style guru. Who doesn’t love a hard drinking, smoking, sex addicted, Irish Guru.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: What are you working on next?

An Historical LGBTQ podcast, a Gen Z thriller ‘Joshua Tree’ and an Irish political drama based on Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler.

Donal Brophy Writer/Actor/Producer The Shuroo Process

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