The AV Interview: Emrhys Cooper (The Shuroo Process)

Shuroo Process poster Emrhys Cooper director

Our interviews with the team of The Shuroo Process continues. Today, we interview director Emrhys Cooper about the film and the road that brought him to the movie. We get into some side stuff, but the focus is always on the film. Curious about The Shuroo Process? Check out the trailer before we begin the interview.

AndersonVision meets Emrhys Cooper (director of The Shuroo Process)

AndersonVision: The Shuroo Process is a fascinatingly dark comedy. Given modern concerns, is it becoming harder to make a comedy that doesn’t play so broad?

Yes, we live in such a polarized world, but to be honest that’s exactly the note we wanted to hit. Life isn’t black and white. When it came down to the sale, people did have a hard time ‘categorizing’ the film but I think that’s why it will stand the test of time. It asks more questions than answers.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: How did Eric Roberts come onboard the film?

I’ve known Eric for many years through mutual friends and I have always been a big fan. So I was delighted when he agreed to make a cameo. Eric and Donal had fun chemistry and him and his wonderful wife Eliza were real sports.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: Many that have watched the film think that Parker and a few of those following the Guru don’t get proper resolution. I don’t necessarily agree, but do you feel it is right to try and give easy answers to complex issues?

We didn’t have any interest in wrapping the movie up in a pretty bow. I’m more into the style of directing where you leave the audience the opportunity to make up their own mind. To quote Parker “if you want a happy ending, it depends when you stop the story’

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
Shuroo Process poster Emrhys Cooper director
AndersonVision: The lingering shadow of guilt colors a great deal of the film. How did you find a way to portray it on an indie budget?

Casting was number one, we knew we had to find an incredible actress to play Parker (Fiona Dourif) who could performatively handle and give the material the needed weight.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: When it came to Parker having her big meltdown at the start of the film, did you hold back? By that I mean, it would have been super easy to have it look like every other dramedy out there. What choices did you make to convey it more realistically?

It was pieces of our owns lives woven together. The reality of that comes off on the screen because it actually happened. The jarring quality of Parker’s cocaine abuse was something we wanted to show without any frills or judgments.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: While I support showing people making choices for themselves by themselves, does it send a mixed message when the film is about forming a community to provide guidance?

People can form a community and still think individually at the same time. I’m glad that the sense of community came across, we wanted show how all these characters from very different backgrounds come together, each one with their own separate issues. Each person must decide based on their unique circumstances on how they should move forward.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process
AndersonVision: What are you working on next?

We’re working on a podcast based on LGBTQ characters through history. We’re also working on a psychological thriller called Joshua Tree. And we’ll be releasing a remake of Nosferatu in which I play the lead, next year which marks the 100-year anniversary of the original.

Emrhys Cooper director The Shuroo Process

That’s been our chat with director Emrhys Cooper. Go see The Shuroo Process from Gravitas Ventures!

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