And Just Like That: The Complete First Season (2021) [DVD review]

Video - 7
Audio - 7
Movie - 5.6

And Just Like That was The Force Awakens for whatever the opposite of pick-me girls is in the modern era. Much like how Episode 7 didn’t hold up on repeat viewings, the same fate fell upon the Sex and the City revamp. So, what went wrong? Well, the Sex and the City gang derailed the magic of what was working.

Some might say the second movie did that, but there comes a point where you miss the zeitgeist and you’re treading on fumes. It’s just that not all fumes get HBO Max exclusive streaming.

and just like that 1

And Just Like That…there were three

So much of the show is based on going out of their way to not address Samantha and make us care about Miranda’s bullshit. If that sounds exhausting, then this show might not be for you.

and just like that 2

What’s on the DVD?

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is beneath a HBO MAX stream. So, I guess it’s a DVD for your grandparents.

And Just Like That: The Complete First Season is now available!

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