Witness the true story of Malcolm Webster, a nurse by profession and, on the surface, a perfect gentleman. However, he’s also a spendthrift and killer who marries, and then attempts to kill, a succession of women to cash in their life insurance policies.

“The Widower” is a British mini-series about Malcolm Webster. Webster was a real nurse who started getting into spending trouble. Desperate to find a way out of his trouble, he drugs his first wife and leaves her to die in a fiery car crash. Collecting her insurance policy, Webster thought he would be happy. That was until he ran out of that money and had to find a new woman. Cut to a few years later and he’s doing it for a third time in New Zealand.

The three part miniseries clocks in at 3 hours and the pace never drops. Archie Panjabi continues to be a revelation on both sides of the Atlantic. If that wasn’t enough, Reece Shearsmith shines in the lead role. The mini-series ends like how you expect, but the journey is well worth the investment. The A/V Quality remains solid, while the Dolby track is lossy. The Blu-Ray comes with no special features.

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2015

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