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Welcome to Acapulco [Review]

Welcome to Acapulco is the most action packed film about a video game designer having a botched flight. The game guy named Matt Booth gets to put on his best Deadpool as he takes the audience through every plot twist. There aren’t that many, but basically it’s North by Northwest for dudebros chugging Monster while casually ignoring smarter voices. Ana Serradilla plays the female lead who is way more capable than Matt Booth. But, it’s never in a threatening way.

Nothing in this movie is that threatening. But, did I just see Phillip from Dream Warriors as Matt’s nasty friend? This is cooler than the time Kinkaid showed up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. William Baldwin gets a fun heavy role, yet I wanted to see him do more. This is one of those movies that is action packed enough to hold your attention, but small enough to disappear due to the sheer volume of movies getting released right now.

Give it a shot and watch something that’s not a major comic book release. You could stand to have some variety in your film-going diet. I’m enjoying what I’m seeing of director Guillermo Ivan. His style is a mix of retro and modern fun that makes me want to see what he makes next.

Welcome to Acapulco is now available!


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