Facing a failed relationship and a struggling restaurant, a woman hits the road for a trip with her grandson.


“On My Way” is about the options left for an elderly woman. She’s still in her 60s, but so many doors have closed on her. Naturally, she decides to forget about her failed business and hit the road with her grandson. There are lessons to be learned about aging with dignity, but they’ll be lost on most people. What we do is sit back and watch as this beautiful older lady opens up her soul and tries to explain away why relationships are failing for her. If you want something far more meaningful than that, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. What I was most impressed by was how so much of the film just felt like an opportunity for the lead character to reclaim the feminine charm of her past.

I just finished the Jacques Demy set that Criterion released and I have to say that I admire Deneuve’s career. Catherine Deneuve keeps the focus on the journey, as we learn why her grandson cares so much about her. Plus, you get the usual constant smoking and meaningful glances since this is a French movie. I wish that it wasn’t such a cliche, but French cinema post 1964 is still littered with it. What does it matter? Not much.

The Blu-Ray comes with deleted scenes and an interview as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for a French drama in HD. The DTS-HD master audio track sounds like stereo surround, but I did pick up some back channel action. The 1080p transfer does the best with what it’s given from this laid back movie. In the end, I’d recommend a streaming rental or a purchase. I can’t really gauge how people will respond to it.


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