A monk renounces his role to become King after his brother is killed. His new Queen is forced to choose sides between her husband and her father from a rival land, which eventually leads to an all out war for sovereignty.


“Warrior Princess” is a tale of an effort to unite kingdoms. Queen Ahno is given to another man by her father, all the while knowing that she’s losing a generous portion of her independence by doing so. However, what matters most to a young woman. Matters of the heart or the desire to save one’s homeland? Such is the age old question that this movie and no one else bothers to give a concrete answer. What we get are meaningful glances, diatribes and some ancient warfare.

Eastern historical fiction tends to love these kinds of stories. That being said, you do hit a point where you’ve seen these stories over and over again. Nationalistic pride is one thing, but what I want is a great narrative. Sometimes you get that, other times you get a whole lot of something else. I’m not sure what to chalk that up to, but I’m glad that LionsGate is giving these kinds of a movies a chance in America. That being said, I do expect this film to go unwatched by the masses. It’s something to discover and hopefully a fanbase for these films will emerge. I just have a hard time seeing that happening at any point in the future. Why am I such a pessimist?

The DVD comes with a digital copy and trailer gallery as the special features. The A/V Quality is typical for this kind of movie. The Dolby surround track is strong. The transfer is pretty workable. In the end, I’d recommend a rental or stream.

RELEASE DATE: 09/16/2014

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