Grab the remote and get a clue! There’s a big mystery to solve and lots of ghostly fun to share with the Mystery Inc. gang. Warner Home Video is set to release their latest installment of exciting DVD games with Scooby-Doo: Funland of Freak Frights on November 11, 2008.


Based on the overwhelming success of the Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Franchise, Funland of Freaky Frights, which can be played on a standard DVD console is designed as family entertainment, includes six activities and can accommodate up to four players. The game is set in the Funland theme park as different areas of the park serve as stages for each of the game challenges. Help crime-solvers Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma and the rest of the squad find clues as they investigate strange goings-on at the fascinating and freaky park. 


Successfully completing each of the game challenges reveals a series of clues written in invisible ink that lead the player towards the final challenge and unravel the ultimate mystery of the game.  Match images, identify sounds and select the right paths for the investigation.  Players will put their sleuthing skills to the test as they collect clues from all four Funland zones and advance to the Bonus Round to capture the villain and become an honorary Mystery Inc. member. Scooby-Doo and friends can’t solve this by themselves, they’re relying on you! No game boards, dice or pieces are necessary. 



“Warner Home Video is delighted by the idea of children learning and having fun at the same time,” said Amit Desai, WHV Vice President, Kids and Sports Marketing.  “Scooby-Doo: Funland of Freaky Frights provides the perfect interactive experience for fans of all ages to enjoy.”


The much anticipated Scooby-Doo: Funland of Freaky Frights hits stores on November 11, 2008 and will be available for $19.98 SRP. 


Scooby-Doo Interactive DVD Game Details

·         Who’s That Villain

o   This challenge spans throughout game play.  A video clip of a different villain being unmasked is shown at three different intervals.  Player must watch each clip carefully as, later in the game play, the player is shown the mask/disguise of one of the villains and must identify which villain is the culprit and the wearer of that mask.

·         “Circus Chills & Thrills?”

o   The scene is set as the Mystery, Inc. team gathers around an old tape recorder.  They have been left with an audio clue and need your help to determine what exactly the spooky sound is that they are hearing. Help them solve this case.  Is it a rattling of chains?  Is it the sloshing of wet footsteps?  Is it the whistling sound of wind?  Is it the howl of the werewolf? You decide!

·         Madam Mystery’s Fortune

o   Using the fortuneteller and her crystal ball as the key components of this challenge, the player is asked a Scooby-Doo and Crew-related question.  The crystal ball goes haywire and begins to smoke, emitting lightning bolts.  An answer slowly begins to reveal itself through a misty cloud.  For added challenge, the visual of the answer may be distorted, jumbled, backwards, have extra letters or missing letters.  The player has limited time to guess the answer before it’s revealed.


·         “House of Hidden Haunts

o   Fred and Daphne need your help. They are looking for an item hidden somewhere.  Player is shown a scene (indoor or outdoor landscape) and is asked to help them find the missing item.  It may be anything from a baseball to a crowbar.  Player must use a magnifying glass to inspect different parts of the scenery.  Various objects are revealed within the magnifying glass as close-up details of the scenery become clear.  Hurry and locate the correct item before time runs out.


·         “Groovy Snack Shack”

o   All the running around from the ghost has made Shaggy and Scooby-Doo hungry.  Join them on their break from sleuthing at the Groovy Snack Shack.  Watch Scooby make one super-dooper sandwich and then proceed to eat it.  Your task is to assemble the correct ingredients in order to make a duplicate sandwich for Shaggy.

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