“Trespass” has a really amazing Bob Gale/Robert Zemeckis script. Bill Paxton and William Sadler play hick firemen that find a map that leads to Ghetto Gold. Unfortunately, they happen to stumble on Ice T and Ice Cube murdering someone. That’s when the movie goes into “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” territory. Walter Hill is an incredible director that knows how to shoot man movies. It’s just that I feel the movie goes a little limp for being an R.

Ice Cube having a slight good guy turn is interesting. But, everyone in this movie is driven by comfort and greed. The film plays with close quarters combat and a lot of maiming to raise the stakes. Still, I wanted to see more blood and brutality. By the time the film ends, I’m not even sure that you can say anyone wins. Well, maybe Art Evans.

The film didn’t do well upon release in 1992. Pundits at the time blamed Ice T’s trouble over the song “Cop Killer”, but I find its more about tone. While a certain group benefits from the ending, there’s nothing feel-good in this movie. So much death, but it feels right.


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