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Time Out of Mind is a stunning look at homelessness.

Time Out of Mind is Gere's best in years.

“Time Out of Mind” is another stunning film from Oren Moverman. Tackling the heavy issue of homelessness, Moverman embraces the slow pace of uncertainty that faces the lives of the homeless. The constant hustle, the need to survive and the lack of any purpose presses through every moment of the film. While some say that Gere might’ve been out of place, he conveys the rudderless nature of the material. Compared to Ben Vereen, Gere’s character hasn’t accepted the institutional nature of being homeless. He wants to find his daughter and regain purpose.

But, we see through Jena Malone that he has screwed her over before. At one point can family give up on you? Does Gere deserve to be spared the vagabond life or is he where he belongs? The lack of answers is refreshing, but it makes it difficult to sit through a two hour movie. The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary, PSA, featurette and trailer as the special features.

RELEASE DATE: 12/15/2015

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