It’s party time, dudes! It’s been 25 awesome years (whoa!) since four turtles fell into the sewers and were transformed into radical heroes- in-a-half-shell. Join the shellabration as the heroic Turtles save the Eiffel Tower, stop a glacier meltdown, ride a wild tidal wave and much, much more in six outrageously exciting adventures!


Get ready for more totally tubular Turtle excitement! Whether they’re battling monster sheep, sleuthing with Sherlock Holmes, or putting the freeze on a deadly heat ray, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take adventure to the max in these seven shredding episodes.

That being said, however, the end of the “European Vacation” episodes and the “beginning” of the seventh season can be a bit jarring when viewing the shows in succession. While the aforementioned episodes run parallel to the themes, tone and overall look of the show during its third and fourth seasons, the remaining 14 episodes mark a stark contrast to them.

By the time 1993 rolled around, Saturday morning cartoons were changing. Light and fluffy were out; dark and edgy were in. The “beginning” of the seventh season (after the “European Vacation” episodes) marked a trial run into this territory. Episodes were a bit darker in theme than they had been in seasons past, but not so much that what made the show great in the first place – humor, pizza references, and terrific characters – was lost. It wasn’t until the eighth season that the show went whole hog and introduced a completely revamped (darker and edgier) premise, virtually dropping everything fans had come to know and love about the series.

It’s clear that the writers were looking for a way to give the turtles a little twist, and sending them on a world tour isn’t a bad choice. Spending a good deal of time traversing the globe – mostly in Europe – the turtles are constantly confronted with the evil plots of Krang (at this point in the series Shredder is mostly just Krang’s right-hand servant rather than an outright menace to the turtles on his own). As they drive from Paris to Portugal to the Alps to Ireland to Rome (in the Turtle Mobile, natch), the turtles, with Splinter in tow, are just looking for a good time. What they get are various chances to save the world from massive destruction. And somehow April, Irma, and that overtly hateable and effeminate Vernon manage to be covering a story in the general vicinity of the turtle’s travels – just to round out the cast. In addition to their world travels, the turtles are faced with a surprising amount of alien activity – from the standard Krang attacks to uppity aliens attempting to rob Earthlings of their most treasured artifacts.

The DVD contains the second set of six episodes of Season 7 along with only one special feature. It’s a look back at the creation of the TMNT comic with Eastman and Laird. The Michelangelo slice is a fun way to keep the excitement going, but I’m left wanting two more things again. A cleaned up transfer and better packaging. Still, it’s good for what it is. 
RELEASE DATE: 05/12/09

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