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Director: Ben Falcone
Writers: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Sandra Oh, Ben Falcone, Dan Aykroyd, Gary Cole and Mark Duplass
Studio: Warner Brothers

“Tammy” is a film about a loveable portly loser who just wants to reconnect with her best friend from childhood. Unfortunately, she just wrecked her car and lost her job in the same day. Meanwhile, her husband is screwing around with the neighbor and Tammy just wants someone to give her a break. Tammy’s best childhood friend was her grandmother Pearl and now Pearl is a drunken old lady that doesn’t want to be put in a home. So, Tammy and Pearl decide to booze it up and head to Niagara Falls. Along the way, they meet Lesbians and even stop in Louisville.

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Melissa McCarthy is a talent, but she shouldn’t write her own material. There’s no one to really balance her out, as Sarandon plays a character that could’ve been the lead in her own movie. Plus, we have Sarandon playing a grandmother while Allison Janney plays her daughter and McCarthy plays her granddaughter. The intergenerational aspect of how this was the only way to squeeze three incredible actresses into a summer release makes my brain explode. But, let’s take down a notch and look at the positive aspects. It had one hell of a supporting cast!

That being said, it’s an admirable effort for a husband/wife creative team. However, Falcone’s direction is very flat and McCarthy has no idea who she is onscreen. At times, it feels like she’s channeling Chris Farley and at other times it’s yet another Bridesmaids character retread. Give us something else, lady. You’re talented, you have a fan base and we want to see you do better. Sarah Baker in a bit role shouldn’t be stealing focus from the lead. That’s strictly amateur hour, man. That being said, I’d like to see what Falcone and McCarthy could do with a second film.

RELEASE DATE: 07/02/2014

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