Inspired by Bruce Brown’s 1971 documentary, “On Any Sunday,” chronicles the international sport of motorcycle racing.


“On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter” is a worthy successor to Bruce Brown’s original documentary. While the original was more of a straight narrative documentary, this sequel evokes more of a Baraka sensibility. It’s a collection of images and moments slammed together in a Frickian way to create a sense of interactivity. I can see this change annoying the hell out of fans of the original, but it’s far from the worst thing. Fans are getting what they want without a forced perspective.

While I’m not big on motocross and motorcycle sports, I have to say that the presentation floored me. I appreciate listening to the riders and other folk talk about their passion, but there’s something to see these mechanical beasts whip around their environments at top speed. More than anything, it speaks to the mechanical lust of those that get to need to race and speed and just power through the latest ride. That lust ranges from people ghost riding whips to building hot rods to the geeks that try to build functional landspeeders. The visual appeal of a sleek engine of transportation hits that portion of the brain that makes one go all aflutter. If you don’t have that bug, then this release will do nothing for you. I just wish we could’ve got someone on Steve McQueen’s level to narrate this second outing.

The Blu-Ray comes with a DVD copy and not many special features. The 1080p transfer stands among the greatest I’ve seen in 2015. The Dolby TrueHD 7.1 track tops it as the best I’ve heard in months. I had no idea that a non typical outlet would produce such a reference quality product for your home theater. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to everyone. This is such a visual and audio treat.

RELEASE DATE: 02/17/2015

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