A long time ago… in the summer of 1981, a tragedy of epic proportions (a broken plastic bat) sends five friends on an epic adventure to the mall. All they have to do is follow The Stream and back.


“The Stream” is a cute movie that showcases a time when kids actually worshipped George Lucas. Well, his creations. But, any good creation is created to make the world better and this film is no different. A decent portion of the film’s proceeds are going to support the Boys & Girls Club of America. What results is a film that clocks in under 90 minutes and it appeals to kids everywhere. Basically, a bully breaks a kid’s toy lightsaber substitute and he has to lead his friends on a quest to replace it. They follow the local stream to the mall, all the while hoping that their parents don’t notice they are gone.

It’s weird seeing movies treating the 1980s like the distant past. But, it might as well be. I love seeing movies that allow kids to come together and work on a similar goal. Priorities and the desire to right wrongs are so odd as a kid, but the film wears its heart on its sleeve. The story is thin and so much of the material is dependent on how much the audience can relate to the central kids. That being said, I can see that not everyone will enjoy it. However, it’s an interesting film to slip in between the summer onslaught and the awards bait of the Fall.

The DVD comes with featurettes, PSAs, trailers and a music video as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for a standard definition presentation. The transfer sports only minimal digital noise. But, the Dolby 5.1 track comes alive. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase. It’s for a good cause, you cheapskates!


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