Strawberry Shortcake and friends have fun…in the sun.


“Fun Under the Sun” is the latest Strawberry Shortcake adventure. At 66 minutes, it’s an overstuffed half hour episode that never really accomplished anything. But, your little girls will love watching Strawberry and pals work together to make their friends morbidly obese. Food related humor and stuffing everything with sugar related snack foods will never impact anyone ever. Also, where’s Bitch Pudding? I thought Bitch Pudding was a character on the show? Damn you, Robot Chicken for tempering my expectations!

Animation aimed at little girls doesn’t try that hard. Bright colors, cool clothes and something friendly without being violent. That’s not to say that little girls don’t also get targeted by superhero cartoons and other material. It’s just not in the same number. Things like “Strawberry Shortcake” have been able to exist for so long because it’s something that the target audience was indoctrinated into accepting. I mean, who doesn’t like scratch and sniff?

Ultimately, the issue boils down to one thing. Old people trying to guess what a later generation wants to see, wear and purchase. That’s been the case since the dawn of television, so what makes this different? Well, we’re heading into an age where cultural identity and gender politics rues any entertainment decisions. While I think it’s sad that you have to have a set identity to enjoy anything, that’s the world we live in. That’s a lot of talk for a show about a Strawberry girl, but that’s where are at this point in human existence.

The DVD comes with a music video, DVD-ROM activities and a Digital Copy. The A/V Quality is amazingly strong for a presentation like this. I was surprised that we got any back channel action. Nevertheless, my subwoofer never came on. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.


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