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Speed Kills (2018)

Speed Kills is proof that John Travolta has surpassed Nicolas Cage in poor film choices.  While everyone was focused on Gotti, they completely ignored Speed Kills. What is Speed Kills? Well, it’s a loose take on the life of Donald Aronow. But, the production didn’t stick that close to facts for various reasons. But, the gist remains the same. A Northeastern manufacturer flees to Florida to start up a love affair with speed boats.

What follows is a series of family problems and a hot blonde that might ruin his life. Matthew Modine plays George HW Bush because of course he does. This film bobs and weaves so much out of reality and back into a mob fantasy film that I’m not sure what to think of it. Also, the film takes place over nearly 30 years, but no effort is made to age Travolta throughout the film. He has the same look throughout the film.

To promote the movie’s release last year, a VR game was made to tie into this mess. What’s insane is that the game is an effective use of VR and gives you the feel of real boat racing. Play that instead for quality. But, watch this movie for the Lulz.

Speed Kills is available on January 15th!

Speed Kills

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