“Gotti” has died, so I can now safely review it outside of the snark zone. I actually visited the set for this one. It was one of 80 films that shot in Cincinnati about a year or so ago. Given how Ivan Reitman made Louisville look like NYC in “Stripes”, I guess that it wasn’t a stretch to make Cincinnati look the same. Yet, it also speaks to the nature of the film. It plays like a bad impression being given an R rated TV movie to stretch the action out.

John Travolta tried his best. I know that a lot of the earlier reviews loved to crap on him, but the guy did his best. It’s just that between the bizarre music choices, the crazed attempts at creating a timeline and the lack of a meaningful resolution produced a turd. I’m not sure if any film could’ve worked better, as the Gotti story seems to have been milked into the mundane. I would pay to see Sal Governale try to make a Gotti film, but that’s about it.

Most theaters have dumped it by now, so give it a shot when it hits home video.


  • 1 hr and 50 mins
  • R
  • MoviePass/The Orchard


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