This special CD/DVD package contains the original Playing For Change CD, Songs Around The World, plus the all-new feature length film, Peace Through Music. This deluxe edition also contains an elaborate 24-page booklet containing exclusive photographs from around the world detailing this unparalleled international musical collaboration and the musicians involved.


Disc: 1
1. Stand by Me
2. One Love
3. War/No More Trouble
4. Biko
5. Don’t Worry
6. Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution
7. Better Man
8. Chanda Mama
9. Love Rescue Me
10. Change Is Gonna Come
Disc: 2
1. Peace Through Music [Feature Length Film]
2. Playing for Change Foundation
3. Filmmaker’s Journey [Behind The Scenes]


The Playing for Change: Songs Around the World album is part of a multimedia effort to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. Using a mobile recording studio, a group of people traveled wherever the music took them. This is not a political or spiritual mission, but an artistic one with the goal of helping people see that music can unite us as a people regardless of ideology, location, or religion.

Traveling to such diverse locations as Santa Monica, California, and Barcelona, Spain; Johannesburg, South Africa, and Kathmandu, Nepal; New Orleans, Louisiana, and Jerusalem, Israel; these people, led by Mark Johnson and a crew devoted to the singular mission of spreading peace through music. They found musicians in the United States, Europe, Africa, India, Asia, and the Middle East and recorded them live using their mobile equipment.

This special two-disc package includes a 10 track “Songs Around the World” audio CD plus DVD containing the 84 minute documentary as well as 2 bonus chapters: “The Filmmakers’ Journey” (a 15-minute behind the scenes featurette consisting of interviews with project executive producer Norman Lear, directors Mark Johnson and Jonathan Walls along with several other key members of the Playing For Change initiative) and “The Playing For Change Foundation,” focusing on the enlightening and inspiring work of the project’s remarkable non-profit organization.

Playing for Change’s power is underscored by the DVD, which intercuts footage of the musicians as they perform a handful of cuts from the album, adding a trailer for the project’s documentary and an informational clip about the foundation, which was inspired by the album and seeks to provide resources for musicians and their communities. We’ve already seen a number of charity compilations this year, and we’ll surely see plenty more before 2010, but if you’re only going to buy one – whether for musical or altruistic reasons – make it Playing for Change. Wonderful, just wonderful.


Final Score: 99% – A+

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