Zalman King meets Sleeping Beauty.

Why wasn't this a bigger film?

“Some Call It Loving” is the kind of film that makes glad that Etiquette Pictures has arrived on the scene. Largely ignored upon release and forgotten by newer film fans, this cinematic oddity is obsessed with bending reality. Future Red Shoe Diarist Zalman King is the lead that becomes obsessed with a sleeping beauty at a local carnival. The guy buys the sleeping chick and takes her home. Upon awakening, he introduces her to Richard Pryor and the weirdos that live at his place.

This is a film that’s not concerned with being logical. The audience is never really sure if the Sleeping Beauty is awake or if her purchase is yet another dream. While she gives her name and loose details, there’s nothing to tie the sleeping chick to any sliver of reality. The less said about the nuns and Richard Pryor’s mental issues…the better. Just hang with the flick, people.

The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary track, featurettes, outtakes and a DVD copy. The 1080p transfer isn’t as soft as I remember for a Mario Tosi shot film. Still, it’s pretty impressive with a fresh 2K restoration. The DTS-HD master audio track also keeps the front channels lively. This is such a recommended purchase.


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