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Alison Brie remains hot, while Jason Sudeikis keeps auditioning for Fletch.

Alison Brie is still hot, also Rafi is in it.

“Sleeping with Other People” is about two people finding themselves again after a one night stand. The premise of the film irritates me, as I can’t buy that anyone would abandon Alison Brie. If you can get past that, it’s another film about two pretty people having to get over their bullshit. The friends of the couple outshine them at every angle, while I fight to stop calling Jason Mantzoukas by his Puerto Rican Christian name of “Rafi”. You have to love romantic comedies that target our age group.

The DVD comes with no special features, but you get an Ultraviolet Digital HD copy. The A/V Quality is strong for standard definition with a supportive Dolby 5.1 track. Have I mentioned that I have huge issues with the fact that Alison Brie had to pursue Jason Sudeikis in this film? That’s the craziest fresh hell I’ve seen since Ivan Reitman wanted us to believe that Natalie Portman would waste her time with Ashton Kutcher. How could Black Swan fall for the worst Steve Jobs? The DVD is worth a rental, if you can suspend disbelief.

RELEASE DATE: 1/5/2016

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