“The Seventh Dwarf” is about a Sleeping Beauty stand-in who passes out. Some dwarfs and her lover have to team up to save the day. The dwarfs are pretty dim and play broad, but that’s because this is a foreign release that keeps getting redubbed for new territories. Norm MacDonald, Nina Hagen and Peyton List get to lead the charge here. It’s underwhelming for adults, but kids will like it.

The voice acting in this one is all over the place. You get gangster stand-ins, smart damsels and Norm cashing a check. Hell, there’s even a few off putting songs mixed into the film. I’m glad that my kid doesn’t like rewatching movies, as I don’t see this entry having that much replay value. Still, it feels like it’s appealing to the little ones that live for “Once Upon a Time”.

The Blu-Ray comes with a 2D and 3D versions of the movie. The special features range from character profiles to sing-alongs to a downloadable Royal Birthday invitation. The 3D transfer is pretty deep, but it doesn’t impress like other 3D animated presentations. However, I found the 2D version to be far more brighter and representative of the final product. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to parents of young kids.

Release Date: 8/18/15

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