The Saint returns!

The Saint has some crazy fans online.

“The Saint” was a British TV production meant to cash in on the Bond mania of the 1960s. “The Saint” was actually created as a Robin Hood knockoff back in the late 1920s. But, the debonair charm of future Bond actor Roger Moore was enough to spawn a legion of fans. The less said about the craptacular 1990s film adaptation…the better. Still, it’s a fun series that is headline by guest spots from the best of British 1960s cinema and a few spots from people like Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

The middle seasons of The Saint offer far more adventures. But, the ambitious nature of the series is matched by the sense of fun. While Simon Templar is a hell of a lot more fun than Bond, at least Bond got to leave the country more than a tourist. The DVD comes with no special features.

RELEASE DATE: 1/19/2016

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