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“Rick and Morty” is a rough take on “Back to the Future”. Then, you finish an episode and upgrade your stance. “Rick and Morty” is probably the greatest American TV show ever to tackle time travel. Combining the crass nature of human existence with the power to rule unchecked creates mad scientists that are barely functional in a societal sense. Whether it’s creating civilizations to power your car battery or beating someone to death over script notes, this is a very real world. Well, that is until the cat girl starts dancing to Tony Toni Tone. That’s when we step heavily back into the show’s firm grasp on Science Fiction.

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have created a show that is blissfully aware of the insignificance of humanity vs. the greater cosmos. So much of the show is dedicated to Rick Sanchez and his grandson living in a united cosmos that shows how Earth is nothing but a primitive cog in a giant machine. Viewers already learned about the Council of Ricks last year and now we have a broader sense of the Galactic political landscape. This concerns come into play during the finale, but the material is really sold in the episode where Werner Herzog guest stars. Herzog plays a socio-political religious figure who needs to surgically remove Jerry’s genitals to survive. The graft will rework Jerry’s genitals into a means of repairing Herzog’s heart and the known galaxy expects Jerry to go along with the effort. But, no one in the family can get why it should be done.

The only one that seems to be casually aware of their insignificance is Rick and he’s doing his best just to survive. Morty has an idea that the world is out to get them and Rick might not be the ideal grandfather. But, the shows thrives in Morty’s ability to take Rick’s influence and not let it overwhelm him. Especially since he knows that’s not even the Morty of the current Universe and that his real home dimension has been destroyed by Cronenberg style monsters. In a world of infinite possibilities, Morty is the audience surrogate experiencing the crushing reality of simply “knowing”. I guess we know why Rick drinks so much now.

The painful wait for Rick and Morty Season 3 is satiated for awhile by this release. That being said, pay attention to Season 2 as you revisit it. There is so much going on in the background and subtextual clues dropped throughout the entire season that it’s stunning. Hell, I never thought that Jerry would pay off so much this season. If I’m right, everything moving forward will have started with an accident involving him.


  • Animatics
  • Deleted Animatic Sketches
  • Featurette
  • Commentaries


  • 1.78:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby TrueHD 5.1



Show creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, celebrated the release as well with their own balloon animal Plumbus.
Check out the photo on Instagram here:

Adult Swim Launches Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Expansion

Adult Swim’s #1 comedy series Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD today!

To celebrate, The Rick and Morty Rickstaverse, the first video game built on Instagram, has launched a new expansion pack!

Adult Swim presents “Interdimensional Cable Adventures,” featuring new levels based on the popular recurring episodes from the show.


The expansion is NOW LIVE on the @RickandMortyRickstaverse Instagram account.

The original game:

  • The Rickstaverse is the first video game built entirely on Instagram
  • The Rickstaverse is composed of over 120 Instagram accounts and over 1,800 individual squares
  • Users play by looking for hidden photo tags to warp to different levels to discover comics, show clips, and minigames
  • Nearly 100k followers on Instagram

The Expansion (LIVE!)

  • The latest expansion, “Interdimensional Cable Adventures,” is based on wildly popular Interdimensional Cable episodes of Rick and  Morty, in which co-creator Justin Roiland improvises scenes and the animators work around his madness
  • The new expansion features 20 new levels, including the Plumbus Factory, and a new collectible: Gazorpazorpfield Comics


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