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Rewind follows a young man’s quest to figure out his childhood through a series of video tapes. This isn’t some goofy kid trying to piece together what he liked about being a kid. Oh no, this is a documentary about studying patterns of abuse. The director was sexually abused from a young age and never quite understood how no one knew. While watching the film, I found myself identifying with those that didn’t know.

Rewind Digital movie poster

Director Neulinger interviews everyone from the local District Attorney to his parents and points beyond. Everyone comes at his case from a different angle, but no one can provide the answers he wants. Rewind is incredibly frustrating in that way, but it also presses the issue. Sexual abuse keeps perpetuating because victims often become abusers. But, how do you stop a cycle that lives well and good in private?

While I hate that COVID impacted the film’s original release plan, I’m thrilled to see that it was getting a wider release on PBS Independent Lens. Hopefully, more casual viewers that are now homebound will get a chance to learn more about this silent epidemic. Check it out, as Rewind is one of the best documentaries of 2020.


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