“Rams” is supposed to be a comedy? Rarely do I miss humor even in its smallest portions. But, this movie isn’t funny. It’s a sad look at how one mistake can destroy an agriculture/livestock based society. The story of the brothers finally coming together after 40 years is good, but it’s sandwiched between such sadness. I don’t know who to question first, Iceland or Cohen.

The Cohen Collection is a neat outfit that finds these arthouse films of local and world cinema. However, I’m shaky on this one. I might come around to it in a few years, but there’s a point where arthouse aesthetic meets emotional confusion. Comedy is never 100% clear, but you give your audience a slight heads-up. For a film that comes in at 93 minutes, I felt like I spent four hours watching it. I can’t imagine this work having any potential crossover with wide audiences.

But, art isn’t a democracy. However, it’s usually pretty well clarified. I’d love to hear from readers that have checked out this film and want to defend it. Share it with me, people.


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