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Director: John Pogue
Writers: Craig Rosenberg, John Pogue and Oren Moverman
Cast: Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Erin Richards and Olivia Cooke
Studio: Lionsgate

“The Quiet Ones” is almost a good movie. Hammer Films has returned to the front of horror and they wanted to produce a period film about ghosts. Using psychological trauma, a young team from Oxford wants to document and capture the creation of supernatural haunts and ghouls. Unfortunately, things don’t work out the way they planned. I get what they chose to set the movie in 1974, but at times it feels like a cover that the story needed to progress logically.

British Horror has always had to play second fiddle to its American cousins. But, this film tries its hardest to become a British set tale of supernatural mischief while obtaining American sensibilities. If anything, it came across as a half-assed remake of “The Legend of Hell House”. While that’s not a bad thing, most of the material felt like I had already seen it done before. The film is a gradual tension builder before we hit the amazing finale. Unfortunately, the release never overcomes the rest of the film that took place before it.

If the film offers up anything, it would be that atmosphere adds a lot to the event. Terrible dialogue, young teens and ridiculous ghouls don’t matter if you buy into the world created onscreen. Jared Harris is a commanding lead that overshadows the rest of the cast. It helps to lend that sense of nostalgia throwback to the old AIP pictures with older stars blowing away younger actors. If you’re a fan of modern horror, then this movie will put you to sleep. Even as a fan of classic horror, I have to say that it took a lot to stay in the picture. Ultimately, the viewing choice is up to you.

RELEASE DATE: 04/25/2014

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