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Elisabeth Moss is stunning in this film.

Queen of Earth is an amazing look at depression.

“Queen of Earth” is “Repulsion” for the Buzzfeed generation. Looking at loss, interpersonal relationships and the need for emotional purpose might not be what you want during the Holidays. However, Alex Ross Perry has delivered a truly dynamic film about friendship and finding yourself as opposed to depending on outside perspective. Elisabeth Moss spends the film falling apart, but we get the sense that she wants Katherine Waterston’s character to save her.

Waterston is willing to be there, as seen in the flashbacks. But, she realizes that she can’t provide what Moss needs to stabilize. Some have had said it’s a movie about depression and that’s not wrong. I see it more as a film about knowing when to let go of things that you love. Some people can do it, while others can’t. You just can’t let them weigh you down. The DVD comes with commentary, featurette and a trailer as the special features.

RELEASE DATE: 12/22/2015

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