Opportunity Knocks [Review]

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Opportunity Knocks is one of the few Universal films I think Mill Creek has released. Honestly, they could have picked a better one. Dana Carvey was desperate for a vehicle off of SNL and this wasn’t it. I enjoyed seeing Todd Graff in a movie, but the comedy elements of the film never quite hung together. Is it a crime movie, a romance or a comedy? 1990 was an odd time for feature films.

Opportunity Knocks

I can only imagine that someone out there is a fan of the film. To that I say…help me out. What are you seeing that I’m not picking up on? Early Imagine films usually impressed me.

For those born later in the 1990s or in the 00s, none of this means anything to you. Hell, you might not be aware that Dana Carvey used to be a big deal.

Opportunity Knocks is available June 4th!


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