It’s the most romantic stone known to man. But when the daughter of U.S. Senator Joan Cameron (Judy Davis) is killed in a massacre at an African diamond mine, a chain of events begins that uncovers the darkest secrets of some of the players in the international diamond trade. Part One of “Diamonds” airs SUNDAY, MAY 24 (9:00-11:00 p.m.), and Part Two on TUESDAY, MAY 26 (9:00-11:00 p.m.), on the ABC Television Network.

Shot on location in South Africa and Canada, this four-hour limited series provides a fictional look inside one of the world’s most glamorous yet mysterious industries. “Diamonds” dramatically weaves together five storylines to portray the personal and political effects of the blood diamond trade on a global scale. From prospectors scouring the northern barrens to the dazzling estates of the diamond lords of Cape Town, from the diamond fashion shows in London to the war ravaged villages of Sierra Leone, this epic thriller follows the trail of greed and obsession underlying some dazzling gems.

The once mighty Denmont Corporation with headquarters in South Africa is on the verge of collapse, threatened by upstart rivals and new competition in the Canadian Arctic, just beginning to emerge as a diamond-production powerhouse. Usurping control of the company from his estranged father, Lucas Denmont (James Purefoy) seeks to restore the company’s fortunes – at any cost.

When American senator Joan Cameron’s daughter is murdered at a Congolese diamond mine, Cameron travels to Africa to find out why her daughter was killed. The search leads her to Piers Denmont (Sir Derek Jacobi), Lucas’ father, who fears his son may be behind the killing. Meanwhile, geologist Stephanie Dresser, who was in charge of the expedition and witnessed the young woman’s murder, tries to bury her grief in her work, travelling to the Canadian Arctic to hunt diamonds far from the bloodshed of the Congo.

In London, an ambitious young woman, model Luna Koroma, believes the violence in her parents’ homeland of Sierra Leone has nothing to do with her – then she is hired to be the ‘face’ of the Denmont diamond. As she falls for her irresistibly charming employer, she begins to suspect that Lucas’ business dealings aren’t nearly as clean as he claims.

In Sierra Leone, a young orphan, Sheku, is caught right in the middle of the diamond wars. He is fleeing the warlord who raised him to be a killer with a handful of rough diamonds in his pocket, struggling to reach safety any way he can.

“Diamonds” weaves together these storylines, revealing the complicated web that links these seekers to the perfect stone.

Starring Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award winner Judy Davis (“My Brilliant Career,” “Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”) as Senator Joan Cameron, James Purefoy (“Rome,” “A Knight’s Tale”) as Lucas Denmont and Emmy Award winner Sir Derek Jacobi (“Frasier,” “Gosford Park”) as Piers Denmont. “Diamonds” also stars Louise Rose (“Eastenders”) as Luna Kormoma, Joanne Kelly (“Vanished”) as Stephanie Dresser, Mbongeni Nhlapo as Sheku and Stephen McHattie (“300”) as the ruthless Llewellyn Anderson.

“Diamonds” is produced by Alchemy Television and Sienna Films, directed by Andy Wilson and written by David Vainola.

This program carries a TV-PG,L,S,V parental guideline.

“Diamonds” will be available on the day after airing on the network for users to watch online.

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